Autoscript Shows New Technology at IBC

Autoscript is showing its latest prompting products at the IBC Show, including a high brightness LED TFT-Plus flat screen display, the Miniscript 5.6 portable on-camera TFT monitor and the MFC-1 Magno foot control.

The new LED TFT-Plus display is available in 8-, 12-, 15-, and 17-inch versions and provides superior light distribution and higher contrast than other models.

The Miniscript 5.6 display weighs in at one pound and incorporates all of the functionality of its larger brethren. It also includes all of the connectors found on larger Autoscript prompter displays.

Autoscript’s MFC-1 Magno foot control is constructed with a frictionless magnetic technology that overcomes the weaknesses of tension springs used in other controllers. When used with its companion MFC desk pad, the control system provides a highly responsive user interface for prompting system control.