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Autoscript showcases high-brightness LED TFT-Plus flat screen

Autoscript made the first European demonstrations of its new high-brightness LED TFT-Plus flat screen, a 5.6in flat-screen monitor, and frictionless magnetic prompter foot control at IBC2009. All three were introduced in April at the NAB Show.

Leveraging recent advances in LED technology, Autoscript offers next-generation illumination technology at no extra cost over its current TFT display range. LED technology offers advantages like display longevity, performance, reliability and “green” energy savings.

The Miniscript 5.6, a 1lb, on-camera 5.6in flat-screen monitor, offers all of the standard functions of the company’s larger monitors, including connections for composite BNC and Hirose power inputs.

The MFC-1 Magno foot control and companion MFC desk pad integrate frictionless magnetic control to overcome the weakening of tension springs that occurs due to the repeated pushing and twisting action normally applied to mechanical foot controllers.