AutoPatch Routes 32 x 32 RGBHV in 4 RU

AutoPatch is shipping a new addition to its Modula Series4 line with a matrix switcher that uses HD-15 connectors to route up to 32 x 32 RGBHV signals.

Similar configurations with BNC connectors cost twice as much and use 15 RU, AutoPatch said. The company is also offering HD-15/RGBHV BNC breakout cables to complete the installation package.

"With the addition of HD-15 connectors to our Modula Series4, we can provide designers and installers with incredible space and cost savings, while maintaining AutoPatch's outstanding wideband quality," said AutoPatch Division Manager Scott Dhaenens.

AutoPatch systems are available in standard and custom configurations from 2 x 2 to 256 x 256.