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Aurora Introduces New IgniterX Driver

Aurora Video Systems has released a new driver for its Mac-based video capture and editing cards.

IgniterX and IgniterX Lite now support Panasonic decks' Advanced Mode and also have expanded film support. "As more and more professional and 'prosumer' clients have moved toward use of 24-fps material, and sought more affordable means of digitizing footage for post production, the IgniterX family has increasingly become the popular choice for video capture and editing," said Darryl Hock, CEO of Aurora Video System, based in Sterling Heights, Mich.

Aurora also enhanced the system memory reports in the Ignition Preference pane, designed for systems with more than 2 GB of RAM. Images that are exported by the Igniter extreme codec and users can now capture PAL DV content to Apple DV codecs.

Additionally, the Igniter suite comes with a base card that offers MJPEG-A compression and decompression as well as uncompressed video. Users have several options to enhance the IgniterX functionality. An analog daughtercard is included in the Professional upgrade, which includes a 2 RU breakout box. The SDI upgrade has a digital daughtercard and a digital 1 RU breakout box.