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Auralex goes behind the scenes at Mary Pickford Institute

To help students learn in a real-world setting, the Mary Pickford Institute for Film Education, a non-profit organization, created a mobile film classroom (MFC) as a learning gateway into the digital age. Inside, along with a long list of high-end audio and video gear, Auralex Acoustics 4in Studiofoam Wedges are deployed, cast to balance the sound quality in the sound recording booth used for voice-overs, dialog and musical recording.

For a moderate fee, students take part in every aspect of production, from writing to storyboarding, performing, filming, narrating and editing. The vehicle is a complete mobile digital production studio, equipped with 12 iMac workstations; professional film editing software ranging from iMovie for introductory classes to Final Cut Pro for more advanced users; Pro Tools audio editing software; Sony digital video cameras; Lowel light kits; Shure and Sennheiser microphones; an impressive collection of stock footage and music libraries; and a recording booth custom-fitted with Auralex Studiofoam. Auralex’s Studiofoam helps to ensure that the students’ recordings made in the booth sound professional.

“Auralex’s Studiofoam made an incredible difference in the sound quality of our recording booth,” said Keith Lawrence, president of the Mary Pickford Institute. “Not only is the sound of professional quality, but the students absolutely love working in the space. Our mobile film classroom gives schools the opportunity to provide instruction in all aspects of film production while allowing its students to gain valuable experience using the professional gear prevalent in the industry — an initiative that would otherwise be cost-prohibitive.”

Since its inception in early 2006, the MFC has served more than 5000 Los Angeles area elementary, middle and high school students and developmentally disabled adults. All schools and students, no matter their socio-economic status or available resources, now have access to state-of-the-art digital media equipment and professional media instruction. Due to the success of the first mobile film classroom, a second vehicle has been added.

Auralex Studiofoam Wedges are recommended in rooms with pronounced low-frequency problems or where sonic accuracy is mandatory and maximum acoustic absorption is required.

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