Audio Precision adds HDMI I/Os on two-channel analyzers

Audio Precision (, a provider of audio test equipment, has announced the availability of an advanced HDMI I/O option for their APx525 family of two- and four-channel audio analyzers.

The HDMI option for APx analyzers had previously been available only for the eight-channel APx585. The new configuration is designed to match the needs of smart phone, tablet and STB manufacturers that require digital multichannel interfaces such as HDMI, but only have need for two channels of analog audio.

The APx525 family now supports HDMI, Bluetooth and the serial digital option, allowing comprehensive test of all inputs and outputs of modern audio devices. The option allows engineers to measure HDMI audio quality and audio format. All standard audio measurements are available or users can verify bit accuracy of bit stream mode, even for lossy codecs.

The APx metadata recorder alerts the user when a source's EDID doesn't match the audio format being received by the analyzer. Conversely, users can arbitrarily edit APx's source EDID to test a sink's error-handling capability. In addition to generating linear/PCM audio streams, APx can stream lossless formats (such Dolby TrueHD or dts-HD Master Audio) and compressed formats (such as Dolby Digital and dts Digital Surround) from pre-encoded audio test files.