Audient sheds light on Black Series at AES

U.K.-based pro audio manufacturer Audient used the recent AES exhibition to launch a new range of processors: the Black Series. The Black Series is a modular rack system that combines an uncolored audio path with a varied palette of tonal colors provided by the unique, discrete and transformer coupled circuitry. This combination of technologies draws on the wealth of David Dearden‘s design experience, from his early valve-based studio days right through to the current digital age. Individual products within the range include the Black Pre, Black EQ, Black Comp (an opto compressor) and Black ADC, a high-performance converter that boasts the latest AKM chipset for 24-bit resolution at sampling frequencies up to 192kHz.

To accommodate installation, Audient designed the BR-10 Black Rack, which accommodates up to 10 Black Series modules. An integrated rear connector panel allows the modules to be freely installed in a sequence that suits the user’s requirements. The last four slots can hold either analog modules or up to four Black ADC analog-to-digital converter modules.

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