Atomos Brings Apple ProRes RAW Support to Panasonic LUMIX Cameras

Panasonic LUMIX S1
(Image credit: Atomos)

MELBOURNE, Australia—Atomos and Panasonic have worked together to bring Apple ProRes RAW recording to Panasonic’s LUMIX BGH1 and LUMIX S1 cameras. Each camera will be able to record in ProRes RAW when working with Atomos’ Ninja V platform.

The LUMIX BGH1 is a Cinema 4K Box style camera. When combined with the Ninja V, it will record up to 4K DCI ProRes RAW and up to 3.7K anamorphic RAW. The Ninja V and LUMIX BHG1 combination can also work in sync for multicamera productions, facilitated by the LTC and Genlock inputs and complemented by the Atomos UltraSync One wireless sync system.

Panasonic’s LUMIX S1 shares the ProRes RAW features of the LUMIX S1H camera, meaning it will record up to 5.9K ProRes RAW when paired with the Ninja V. There is also support for anamorphic RAW. 

The Ninja V allows users to monitor a RAW signal on its 5-inch 1000nit brightness HDR screen. It can also record ProRes RAW data onto a removable AtomX SSDmini or other SSD drives.

According to Atomos CEO Jeromy Young, the new ProRes RAW supported cameras join previous Panasonic S Series cameras, including the LUMIX S1H and LUMIX S5.

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