At NAB 2011, unveils new feature for mobile delivery

At the show, unveiled Synchronized Companion App, a new feature for its flagship product, Interactivity Suite (IS). Synchronized Companion App monitors frame-by-frame changes in broadcast programming or live production and then uses the changes to trigger delivery of additional content to the second screen. Because of the IS' support for all major protocols, the framework provides an active return channel to the broadcaster. Using the new app feature, content can be delivered to a tablet, mobile device or PC in sync with the action on the viewer's TV display, enabling broadcasters to develop branded applications that push/pull relevant information to and from the second screen. For a sports event, for example, the broadcaster could use the Synchronized Companion App to push details about the players, updated scores or game events onto viewers' iPads. The philosophy behind the app is that viewers are already surfing the Internet while watching TV, and the app enables broadcasters to utilize the second screen to their best advantage. The app also offers the opportunity to increase advertising airtime value through ad-support on the second screen. A consumer could glean more information and even purchase goods on the iPad.