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ASC Signal unveils new 2.4m mobile antenna

ASC Signal unveiled a new 2.4m nomadic antenna that incorporates its advanced mobile features in a light, agile package.

ASC Signal designed the lightweight, carbon-fiber antenna for ease of transport and rapid deployment in any environment, with the antenna’s one-, three- or nine-piece reflector panels allowing for flexible configuration.

The low-cost antenna enables communications in L-, S-, X-, C-, K-, Ku-, Ka-, Q- and V-bands as well as low passive intermodulation (PIM). The system’s flexibility also ensures low, on-going costs of operation and upgrades, and expandability for a variety of applications.

To provide the most accurate deployment and tracking of any antenna in its class, the 2.4m capitalizes on the features of ASC’s larger antennas used in defense and commercial applications around the world. The antenna can include motorization packages to integrate seamlessly with ASC’s Next Generation Controller.