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Artel makes fiber-optic transport easier

Artel has made available a new module for the DL4000 video transport system, the DLM130 element management system (EMS) module with integrated power supply.

The new DLM130 module fits in one of the two power supply slots in the DL4000 chassis and provides monitoring, management and firmware upgrade capabilities. The DLM130 also provides full power functionality, and two DLM130s can be configured in a chassis for enhanced reliability and redundant EMS functions. It is accessed by the use of a standard 10/100Mb Ethernet connection. The system supports either an SNMPV2 or HTTP interface. When an HTTP interface is used, no additional software is required on the client PC.

The monitoring function provides a complete view of the chassis including receive and transmit light power, status of incoming video signals and configurations. The DLM130 is able to configure a module and then use its security feature lock in those configurations. Event logging is available for system monitoring and troubleshooting. The DLM130 can be used to upgrade the firmware on the chassis, power supply and modules to enable new features and functions.

The DL4000 is a chassis containing four module slots along with two power supply slots for use with Artel’s various fiber-optic transport modules.

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