Artbeats Digital Film Library, plus other new products


Artbeats Digital Film Library: contains more than 125 titles, including 18 high-definition clips; film/video source material is digitally scanned, and dust, scratches and flaws are removed; footage is then color-corrected; products are built, quality-assured, shrink-wrapped and shipped on demand; content can be delivered on CD or accessed via the Web; all standard-definition stock footage products are licensed royalty-free for all uses and delivered in QuickTime format in NTSC and PAL.
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Vinten Fibertec: the positioning of unique channel sections of a carbon/glass composite is designed to allow the legs to outperform the traditional twin tube design; Spread-Loc mid-level spreader also increases stability and flexibility; lever action leg clamps are positioned adjacent to each other at the top of their respective stages, optimizing control of set-up and breakdown.
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Inscriber Technology InfoVision: designed to create attractive multi-zone screens that integrate crawls, rolls and animations; immediately displays through a readily available dual-head video card; suited for digital signage and cable TV channels.
+31 297 380930;


Drake Electronics FreeSpeak: allows users to do everything that is usually only possible using a traditional wired intercom, including local key assignment of IFBs, groups and full non-blocking mixing facilities; uses rechargeable NiMH cells or disposable alkaline AA batteries, typically providing nine hours of talktime.
+44 1727 871 200;


Thales Broadcast & Multimedia GRANITE: designed to control a complete cable, terrestrial or satellite broadcast network; monitors quality of service, enabling high-speed diagnostics and corrective actions to maintain service availability.
+33 1 3490 3100;


Hamlet Protean 292X: provides 16 different serial digital test patterns, including pathological, bars, sweep, bowtie, circle and ramps; all test patterns are fully compliant with SMPTE requirements and are user selectable at any of 10 frame rates (interlaced and progressive) on 1080 lines, plus 720-line 60Hz progressive and 59.94psf; luminance and chrominance components are individually enabled; has two simultaneous outputs.
+44 1494 793 763;


EVS CleanEdit: based on dual encoding during ingest for media sharing; software-based system permits the applications to be installed on standard PCs connected to an existing 100BaseT office infrastructure; ideal for newsrooms where fast turnaround is a requirement.
+32 4 361 7000;

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