Apple Final Cut Studio offers native support for Euphonix Artist Series controllers

Apple’s new Final Cut Studio software includes native support for Euphonix’s Artist Series media controllers. Apple has integrated Euphonix’s EuCon control protocol into its flagship video suite, providing Artist Series users with hands-on control over Final Cut Pro, Soundtrack Pro, Color and other applications in Final Cut Studio.

Comprised of MC Transport, MC Control, MC Mix and MC Color, the Euphonix family of Artist Series media controllers offers programmable soft keys, wheels, knobs, faders, trackballs and more to speed up and enhance workflow with Final Cut Studio. Each of the portable, slim-line media controllers connects to a Mac via Ethernet and can be used either stand-alone or connected to additional controllers. Up to four MC Mix controllers and one each of MC Transport, MC Control and MC Color can be used simultaneously.

EuCon is a high-speed Ethernet control protocol that enables simultaneous control of multiple applications. All controls, displays and programmable soft keys automatically switch to match the application in focus, and everything from transitions and titles to effects favorites can easily be assigned to soft keys. EuCon also enables switching between and controlling multiple Macs on a network, automatically forwarding media controller, keyboard and mouse commands to another workstation.

Euphonix has worked closely with the world’s leading software developers to integrate native EuCon support into their media applications to provide high-resolution, high-speed control over almost all software functions. EuCon also supports the HUI and Mackie Control protocols for even greater flexibility, offering control of applications such as Pro Tools at a faster speed and higher resolution.