Apantac Premieres 8K Multiviewer

(Image credit: Apantac)

BEAVERTON, Ore.—Apantac has rolled out its latest product at ISE 2020, the MiniDE-4-QUHD 8K multiviewer.

The MiniDE-4-QUHD accepts four HDMI 2.0 inputs and four HDMI 2.0 outputs up to 4K at 60 fps, and an output resolution of 7680x4320. It also has two primary modes—the multiviewer mode and video wall processor mode.

Multiviewer mode allows users to feed four 4K inputs into an 8K monitor or a 2x2 4K monitor stack. The position, size and aspect ratio of the source windows are user adjustable. In video wall processor mode, the system drives four 4K monitors and displays the source signal feeding one of the four inputs in various layouts and arrangements.

For more information, visit www.apantac.com (opens in new tab)