AP Showcases ENPS Version 7.0 at IBC

At the recent IBC Show in Amsterdam, the Associated Press highlighted the first module of Version 7.0 of its ENPS news production system.

The “Digital Publishing Engine (DPE) enhances productivity by enabling ENPS users to get multimedia content on air, online and to mobile devices via a single, simple workflow, AP said. Dynamic feedback form the broadcaster’s public Web site will automatically flow back into ENPS, allowing producers to easily see which stories are getting the most attention. All ENPS 7.0 components integrate to existing ENPS 6.0 systems.

AP also demonstrated features for ENPS Version 6.0, as well as the newly enhanced ENPS Mobile Suite, which allows journalists to work remotely on laptops, PDAs and mobile phones to browse agency wires, consult running orders and read and write stories. AP said ENPS was installed at IBC stands of more than 20 broadcast technology manufacturers.