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Anton/Bauer to show 120W-hour battery

At NAB (Booth C6025) Anton/Bauer will introduce its new Dionic HC battery line as well as the Tandem 150 Modular Power System and its new ULHM-LED and EledZ LED light solutions.

Following last year’s launch of the Dionic HC 91 watt-hour battery, the new 120W-hour version, with a 10-amp draw, gives camera operators longer run times. The company said that with maximum power-saving capability, the battery can be stored for years without losing capacity.

Small and compact, the new Tandem 150 Modular Power System offers more power supply options during on-location or outdoor shoots. Weighing just 1lb, the Tandem 150 unit is operated by separating the Gold Mount device from the power supply. This allows users to simultaneously charge a battery and power a camera.

When a 75W draw is exceeded, the system automatically stops charging and performs solely as a 150W power supply. When the camera is turned off or the load is reduced below 75W, the Tandem 150 system instantly resumes normal operation, as a simultaneous charger/power supply. Users can operate the system from the AC Mains at 100V to 240V AC or 50Hz-60Hz.

The Tandem 150 system also provides ultimate flexibility for shoots in isolated areas, with two unique methods of charging. For productions where sunlight is available, crews can charge the system using the Anton/Bauer Solar Panel. The Solar Panel allows users to charge any battery in the Anton/Bauer product line when sunlight is available. Crews working out of their cars during a night shoot, in an isolated location, or in an area where power is not immediately accessible can use a car’s DC power outlet.

Anton/Bauer’s EledZ and ULHM-LED lights will also be making their first NAB appearance. Developed by Anton/Bauer with sister Vitec group brand, Litepanels, these LED light modules complement Anton/Bauer’s existing UltraLight series and ElipZ battery systems. Both lights are designed to reduce the total power consumption of a user’s lights. A 3200k filter is included with each light, allowing for quick changes to properly match color temperatures. The LEDs provide heat-free and flicker-free soft light of 5600K, ideal for many applications while consuming little battery power.