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Anton/Bauer Powers PACSAT's HD Coverage

Ken Cavalli
SACRAMENTO, CALIF.: Having been a television cameraman since the 1980s, I've seen the progression of newsgathering technologies and have embraced the benefits each new development brings to my career. Today's technologies are more streamlined than ever, but one thing hasn't changed: It's still critical to invest in your business with the most reliable gear backed by top-notch customer support. Now that cameras are so power-hungry, this is especially important. That's why I go with Anton/Bauer for my power needs.

When I select an Anton/Bauer battery or light, I'm certain it's going to work and get me through my job without any issues. And, if I have a question—or in the extreme case, a malfunction when I'm on the road—the Anton/Bauer team comes through time and time again.


As part of PACSAT for the past 20 years, I've traveled far and wide and was fortunate enough to have had a hand in capturing the last six Olympic Games. Through all the years and projects, there's been a constant in my production kit: Anton/Bauer's HyTron 140 batteries, Ultralight 2 camera-mounted lights, and Quad 2702 and compact two-position Dual 2722 chargers. The dependability of Anton/Bauer's batteries allows me to focus on my creative work without worrying about power needs. With Anton/Bauer, I no longer have to think about the longevity of a battery when I go on shoots.

The HyTron 140 has been my battery of choice, as it meets the power demands of today's high-definition equipment, as well as on-camera lighting systems. The HyTron 140 also provides an excellent counterbalance to offset the weight of a lens and it typically provides as much as four hours of run time. The battery features a new cell technology to provide key improvements in battery life, durability and discharge performance in all environments. Also, the high-power NiMH battery system doesn't impose travel restrictions when we're on the road.

It wasn't until the last Olympics, however, where my trust in the company was really proved out. I was shooting in a Vancouver bay when a wave splashed some of my gear. I thought I was in the clear because I was able to keep the camera dry, but after a while it started to malfunction. I immediately called up Anton/Bauer's global customer support manager, Joe Teodosio, who was there for the entire games. Not only did he provide replacement units for my camera directly from the manufacturer, he helped me get up and running within 40 minutes.

Anton/Bauer has provided this type of support at major events and from its headquarters, showing just how much it cares about its customers. Beyond the company's unsurpassed knowledge of batteries and cells, it has unbelievable relationships and experience in working with just about every camera and manufacturer. The staff is always thinking ahead, and having that full stock of gear during the Olympics really saved my shoot. If I need anything, I know Anton/Bauer is there to help me.

Ken Cavalli is an industry veteran with more than 30 years of experience behind the scenes, and has been director of photography for PACSAT for the last 20 years. He may be contacted at

For additional information, contact Anton/Bauer at 800-422-3473 or visit