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Anton/Bauer debuts DT-500 power supply at IBC2008

Anton/Bauer introduced the DT-500 500W power supply for digital cameras at IBC2008.

The power supply is designed to meet the power requirements of high-end Sony F23 and F35 HD cameras. The DT-500’s 14.4V output offers 300W of power with a 20A maximum via two four-pin XLR connectors or one eight-pin Lemo.

In addition, it accommodates both 50- and 60-cycle systems and offers an AC input range of 90V-250V. Through the eight-pin Lemo connector, the 28V supply offers 200W of power with a 7A maximum.

The physical build consists of a compact design with a diameter of 10.73in x 7.01in x 5.81in, resulting in a total weight of 6.75lbs.

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