Antennas Direct Premieres Flex and Eclipse Wireless TV Antennas

ST. LOUIS—Antennas Direct is enabling its customers to go wireless with the release of a pair of new products. The ClearStream Flex wireless TV antenna and ClearStream Eclipse wireless TV antenna will enable users to watch local, network programs on their smartphone, tablet and streaming media player, per Antennas Direct’s official announcement.

The company is billing these products as the start of a new product category for the TV antenna market, providing wireless broadcast TV viewing. In addition to assisting with wireless broadcasts on mobile devices, the new antennas feature software upgrades that include Recording and Set-A-Reminder features, the latter of which alerts viewers in advance of TV shows when connected to the internet or not. The free ClearStream TV app and program guide, as well as Wi-Fi setup, are also part of the package.

The ClearStream Flex and Eclipse antennas connect through a home Wi-Fi network to combine live, local broadcast TV with a smartphone, tablet or streaming media player. The antennas are compatible with Roku, Apple TV, Google Chromecast, Amazon Fire TV, Amazon Fire Stick, Kindle and iOS and Android smartphones and tablets.

Antennas Direct is selling the ClearStream Flex for $119.99 and the ClearStream Eclipse for $99.99.