Antena 3’s one-platform, multiscreen future

Grupo Planeta's national private broadcaster Antena 3 has just presented a new multimedia project that unifies all content across all three screens: the TV, the Internet and mobile handsets.

Calling it Project Antena 3.0, as distinct from the 2.0 interactivity offered by current technology, Antena 3 began its May 12 demonstration with its popular series “El Internado.” Antena 3 not only broadcast the TV show in the traditional way, but its DTT channel Neox subtitled it with a roadmap of the program, and its DTT channel Nova presented comments from viewers watching online at Antena 3's Internet portal. At the same time, anyone with a 3G phone could watch it, too.

The Spanish Antena 3 is shooting to pioneer a future in which all of its programming will be multiplatform with an “interscreen” information system that lets viewers navigate the broadcaster's global offerings. A virtual TV host will inform viewers of each day’s multiplatform offerings.

On the Internet, Antena 3 will premiere TV series with special extra content to create and develop fan communities. For mobile TV, the broadcaster will start with four thematic channels each dedicated to its most successful titles.

"Our goal is to move our offerings further out to where the public is. Now that the whole family in front of the TV set is no longer in fashion, one member may watch a TV set, another use the Internet and another watch a mobile TV," said Mikel Lejarza, Antena 3's CEO.

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