ANT Group rolls out DBV-T RF, TS monitoring receiver

The new DTMR-T700 can monitor RF level, MER, BER, PER and many other parameters.

The ANT Group introduced the DTMR-T700 digital television monitoring receiver during IBC2007.

Capable of receiving DVB-T channels (bands III/IV and V) and analyzing the RF and TS contents, the DTMR-T700 can be programmed to monitor sequentially one or more channels and/or one or more TS elements.

RF level, MER (up to 34dB) with a +/-1dB precision over the entire TV band, BER pre and post viterbi, PER and many other parameters can be monitored locally (via Web browser) or remotely via SNMP (Ethernet), GSM (connected to the ANT Group's Garda system) or via RS-232/RS-485 using the ANTLAN, RPTC or any user protocol using ANT's protocol converter. If the Garda system is used, the data is returned in a clear, simple interface.

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