Ansmann offers ‘green’ alternative for wireless batteries

At the recent InfoComm, Ansmann USA and its American distributor, Horizon Battery, promoted a “green” alternative for users of wireless microphones and in-ear monitoring systems. As more companies look to reduce the expense and waste of disposable batteries, Ansmann USA continues to provide prograde rechargeable systems that address both needs.

“It’s not uncommon for schools, broadcast companies, production facilities and houses of worship to spend thousands of dollars every year in alkaline batteries for their wireless applications,” said David Schliep, Ansmann USA’s product development director. “When Cirque du Soleil came to us several years ago, some of their shows were using 80 batteries, 10-12 times a week. Since we converted all their touring and resident shows to our rechargeable systems, they now save well over $1200 per week.”

Ansmann notes that a properly operated rechargeable system can pay for itself in less than a year for heavy users. “The key to a successful recharging system is predicated on the proper match of high capacity, professional-grade cells and intelligent chargers,” Schliep said. “Each application requires an analysis of run-time usage, frequency of use and overall number and type of wireless units in play. When properly matched, we can offer a fail-safe system without compromising performance.”

Ansmann rechargeable batteries and chargers make it possible to recycle each cell up to 1000 times. This is above the industry standards for high-drain electronics and is made possible by using automated reconditioning chargers. Once the system is in place, there is very little maintenance.

Commenting on the “green” aspects of using rechargeables, Schliep said, “Tech departments are looking for smart ways to reduce costs. And, when you consider that some 15 billion disposable batteries are produced each year, the benefits of using rechargeables to Mother Earth are profoundly significant.”

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