Andrew Debuts AL8 PLUS Low-Power Antenna

At NAB2002 Andrew Corp. unveiled a low-power antenna system for digital and analog broadcast requirements. The AL8 PLUS Series horizontally polarized UHF antennas can handle 10 kW of power for digital broadcasts (23 kW for analog) and provide Effective Radiated Power Levels to 450 kW (1 MW analog). They are designed to be low-cost, and are suited for use as an interim system for TV stations that need to meet the FCC's minimal DTV facility requirement. The antennas can also be used for low-power NTSC services.

AL8 PLUS Series broadcast antennas use Andrew TRASAR antenna technology with an end-fed design. Available in 8- and 12-bay versions, the new antennas are lightweight (from 120 lbs. to 175 lbs.) for easier installation and minimized tower loading. The antennas can be paired with Andrew HELIAX air dielectric transmission lines and an Andrew filter to create a low power broadcast system that is backed by Andrew's 10-year warranty.

If a station with an AL8 PLUS wants to transition to high power, Andrew has a DTV Antenna trade-up program that allows the station to return its AL8 PLUS and receive up to 50 percent of the purchase price as credit towards an Andrew high-power antenna. The station can also keep the AL8 PLUS as an emergency/standby antenna.