AMV Takes Studer’s Vista 8 on 3D Road

AMV’s new Epic 3D-capable mobile production van includes this Studer Vista 8 digital audio console.
As a premier provider of end-to-end broadcast video solutions for entertainment, sports, news programming and events, the success of All Mobile Video (AMV) hinges on having the most reliable, versatile and high-performance equipment available. Such tools enable us to provide the high-quality product for which we are known.

We offer the full spectrum of services—Manhattan-based sound stages, full post-production capabilities, mobile production, editing trucks and uplink systems, as well as an extensive equipment inventory that allows us to fully customize our facilities to any customer’s needs.

As part of our continuing goal to provide the best product for our clients, we recently purchased a Studer Vista 8 console for our new “Epic” 3D-capable mobile production truck.

As 3DTV is fast becoming a viable option in production planning, we wanted to be able to provide that capability for remote event broadcasts. “Epic”—which was debuted at the NAB Show this year—marks our first foray into the 3D market. The truck features a large audio room that, in addition to the Vista 8 console’s in-truck I/O complement, includes Studer stage boxes with up to 96 additional inputs. The Vista 8 is fully 7.1 surround sound-capable, with 72 faders and up to 250 inputs.

AMV is one of the largest companies in the United States to commit heavily to the Studer Vista 8 digital audio console. Its advantages are considerable, and when the time came to choose a digital console for our new truck, the console was a natural choice. Some of the console’s unique and attractive features include the analog-like control its Vistonics user interface provides, and a control bay design that offers rapid access to all faders within a small footprint, making it ideal for both fixed installations and mobile production applications.


The installation in the Epic production vehicle marks the acquisition and delivery of the fifth Studer Vista 8 console that we’ve purchased for our mobile trucks. We also use two Vista consoles for productions in our Manhattan studios. The fact that we are now up to a total of seven Studer consoles speaks highly about their reliability.

Our inaugural use of the new Epic truck took place in July when we recorded both 3D and 2D feeds from a Sheryl Crow concert at the Roseland Ballroom.

The event was shot in 2D for PBS’ “Soundstage,” and the show producers also had us record the performance for a future 3D Blu-ray disc release.


The new Studer performed remarkably. It has the feel and intuitive operation of an analog console, but possesses all the functionality, versatility and performance of the best digital consoles out there. Also, it not only parallels an analog audio console in terms of operation, but also in the warmth of the sound that flows through it.

For all these reasons, we will continue to rely on the Studer Vista 8 console as AMV ventures further into 2D and 3D production.

Eric Duke is the president of All Mobile Video. He may be contacted

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