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AKG introduces HC 577 mic

At the recent MusikMesse show in Frankfort, Germany, AKG debuted the HC 577, a low-profile headset designed to withstand the rigors of stage performance while providing high audio quality. Insensitive to moisture and perspiration, the mic performs well under the bright stage lights. Featuring an adjustable behind-the-neck headband and dual-ear temple pieces for stability, the HC 577 provides comfort and maneuverability to the user. The microphone boom length is flexible, can be adjusted for proper length, and offers the option of left or right-hand deployment.

Compatible with all standard AKG wireless systems, it features patented dual-diaphragm technology and uses a CK77 omnidirectional to ensure pristine audio quality even under the most demanding live performance circumstances. AKG also developed a patented body design that protects the dual-diaphragm transducer and thus suppressing cable noise. The HC 577 has undergone rigorous chemical and environmental testing to ensure resistance to an actor’s make-up and creams, as well as alcohol and sweat.

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