AJA Releases New openGear-Compatible Rack Cards

CHIBA, JAPAN—AJA is using the Inter BEE 2015 platform in Japan to launch three new models in its series of openGear-compatible video and audio rackframe cards. The OG-FIBER-TR, OG-FIBER-T and OG-FIBER-R cards support single channel SDI-to-fiber and fiber-to-SDI conversion.


The OG-FIBER-TR has both fiber and SDI inputs, allowing it to handle both SDI-to-fiber and fiber-to-SDI conversions, that are re-clocked with input jitter tolerance. It supports SDI rates of 270Mb, 1.5Gb and 3Gb. Both signal paths are independent and can be different rates.

The OG-FIBER-T is a SDI-to-fiber converter that enables SDI signals to be extended up to 10km over standard single-mode fiber optic cable. The SDI input is also re-clocked with input jitter tolerance; a re-clocked looping SDI output is also provided.

The OG-FIBER-R is a fiber-to-SDI. It also can extend SDI signals up to 10km over single-mode fiber optic cable, and features input jitter tolerance.

AJA will release the new cards in December, with the OG-FIBER-TR available for $645, while the OG-FIBER-T and OG-FIBER-R are available for $445.