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AJA Debuts New Converters

AJA Video, a Grass Valley, Ca.-based manufacturer of signal processing and video conversion products, recently released three new products to convert and distribute digital high- and standard-definition video. These include the HD10C2 D/A converter, RH10UC upconverter and RD10DA distribution amplifier.

The HD10C2 D/A is a 10-bit, dual-rate HD and SD analog-to-digital converter that outputs analog HD signals on either BNC connectors (YPrPb) or a VGA (RGBHV) connector. When connected to SD-SDI signals, the unit will support component or composite analog signals.

The RH10UC is a 10-bit SDI-to-HD-SDI upconverter that is compatible with the company's rack frames. The unit provides broadcast-quality HD video from SD sources, using motion adaptive de-interlacing. High-definition output is selectable between 720p and 1080i formats.

The RD10DA is an eight-output, dual-rate, digital HD and SD distribution amplifier that auto-selects between SD and HD, reclocks the input to reduce jitter and features equalization to compensate for cable losses. The reclocking function can be bypassed with an on-board jumper.