Agilent Technologies introduces new RF options for network analyzer

Agilent Technologies has introduced two options for its ENA Series E5061B 5Hz to 3GHz vector network analyzer. The new RF NA (network analysis) and ZA (impedance analysis) options increase the analyzer's frequency range, speed, upgradability and versatility. This enables the analyzer to deliver solid performance for basic RF network and impedance measurements at a reasonable price.

Operating from 100kHz to 1.5/3GHz, the RF NA option is available as either a two-port S-parameter or as a transmission/reflection test set with a 50W or 75W port impedance. The start frequency of the RF NA option has been expanded down to 100kHz, providing engineers with enhanced functionality and capabilities. In addition, the option features an enhanced user interface and improved analog performance, which results in increased test efficiency.

The new ZA software option adds an impedance analysis function to the E5061B-3L5 LF-RF network analyzer, offering a migration path for legacy network plus impedance combination analyzer users. With the ZA option, engineers now have access to a one-box network analyzer and impedance analyzer solution that is ideal for a broad range of engineering applications within the 5Hz to 3GHz frequency range. The ZA option provides fixture compensation support for accurate impedance measurements and an equivalent circuit analysis function that can be used to characterize the device being tested.