AETA debuts 4MinX portable mixer/recorder at IBC2011

The 4MinX from France’s AETA Audio Systems is a fully integrated portable digital multichannel mixer/recorder, currently making its debut at the IBC show in Amsterdam. Ruggedly designed, the 4MinX features a user-friendly interface with rotary encoders, programmable function keys, and a TFT display panel. The 4MinX provides a combination of functionalities for TV sync-sound location recording, music recording, satellite mixing and radio journalism. Users can record up to eight tracks and maintain full flexibility on each track: monophonic, stereophonic or polyphonic. During recording as well as mixing, all levels can be adjusted for each track.

Named after the Phorminx, the legendary ancient Greek lyre, AETA's 4MinX features four mic/line inputs, two stereo line inputs, and two AES3/AES42 inputs, along with two stereo line outputs, two auxiliary outputs, and three AES3 outputs. The DSP-based mixer supports four channels and a stereo mixdown, and handles any mix of analog, digital, and 100Base-T outputs. A high-quality mic preamp assures exceptional sound quality, and the 4MinX also includes flexible integrated monitoring for SoundField microphone systems.

A clear, bright 3in color TFT screen shows status and level displays, and its elastomer keypad is weatherproof and silent in use. The unit can be customized for speedy operation in a range of scenarios through its programmable function keys. Its 2.2kg total weight includes the integrated battery pack and charger, making it highly portable in any situation while more than six hours of operation between recharging. The 4MinX records on an SDHC memory card up to 64 GB, providing more than 50 hours of high-quality stereo recording, and can also be accessed by USB stick.

"The 4MinX is like an audio Swiss Army knife, with an unprecedented combination of mixing and recording features," said Christophe Mahoux, general manager of AETA. "It's also a very cost-effective and scalable option, replacing a separate mixer and recorder in a single unit, and offering a range of versions with software-upgradeable features."

The AETA 4MinX is available in variants with mixer functionality only, or with mixer plus 2-track, 4-track, 6-track, or 8-track recording. Available accessories include a weatherproof carry bag, spare DV battery packs, adapter cables, a compact alphanumeric keyboard, and an AC adapter/charger.