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AEA shows KU4 ribbon mic at AES

At the recent AES show, Audio Engineering Associates unveiled its latest creation, the KU4 unidirectional ribbon microphone. Based on the design of the classic RCA KU3A microphone that dominated Hollywood sound stages for decades, the KU3 incorporates modern design principles and techniques while remaining true to the sonic legacy of its inspiration.

The new KU4 is a supercardioid design that features reduced proximity effect, excellent rear rejection and smooth, high-bandwidth frequency response. The reduced proximity effect enables closer placements, and the pure aluminum ribbon is low-tuned to deliver sold, undistorted bass while accepting signals with a maximum SPL rating over 140dB.

While there are still a few original RCA KU3A mics in good working condition, it is relatively rare for the modern recording engineer to have the opportunity to use one. The new KU4 from AEA is designed to extend the mic’s sonic legacy while adding modern touches such as a neodymium magnet structure and a field-replaceable ribbon assembly.

The new KU4A is hand-assembled by AEA in Pasadena, CA. The mic comes with stand adapter, integrated 1.5m mic cable, user manual and storage/shipping box, and carries a three-year warranty on parts and labor.