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AccuWeather launches Third-Screen Network

AccuWeather has formed its Third-Screen Network, a wireless portal network designed to enable AccuWeather's media partners to earn wireless ad revenue.

The Third-Screen Network is a wireless portal network for third-screen mobile devices. The standard service includes a full suite of news content, including weather, national headlines, traffic, sports, and financial information. The service can be expanded to include local news and sports, lifestyle content, such as lottery results, movie, book, DVD, and music reviews, travel directions, movie times and school cancellations.

The network is based on exclusive partnerships with one media outlet in each DMA. A media partner, such as a television station or newspaper, that joins AccuWeather's Third-Screen Network enters the cell phone content business at no risk or cost.

AccuWeather's Third-Screen Network is based on the industry-accepted WAP technology.

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