Accom Expands HD Recorder

Accom has introduced the WSD/HDe an expanded version of its HD digital disk recorder, now offering up to 2.5 hours of uncompressed HD recording time.

Targeting long-form applications such as telecine, digital film, DVD encoding, post production and broadcast playout, the plug and play WSD/HDe captures both SD and HD uncompressed video content and real-time playback for rendered material The DDR has 2.5 hours of built-in recording capability and RAID-3 parity protection for video with redundant mirrored disks for audio. WSD/HDe also includes built-in Windows Media 9 (WM9) encoding.

WSD/HDe imports and exports all major file formats, eliminating the need for custom transfer scripting or proprietary file wrappers. WSD/HDe automatically creates and names new clip files when the first file arrives in any of up to five user-deined directoris, adding subsequent frames to the clip as they arrive. During recording, WSD/HDe can simultaneously transfer frames from any clip to any computer, disk drive or film printer on the computer network.

The WSD/HDe will begin shipping by the end of November.