2016 Product Preview: Storage & Recording

It’s no surprise that storage and playout technologies are turning to the skies, and at this year’s convention, attendees can expect to see cloud-based broadcast platforms that offer everything from PVR functionality to the ability to play out HD or 4K in the cloud. But not everything heading down a virtualized path: manufacturers are also heading to NAB with new slo-mo 4K players and disk-based storage archival systems.

360 Systems
comes to NAB Show with the TSS-3100, a three-channel video recorder/player; the VTH-2280, a two-channel bi-directional record or playout video server; the TSS-2470, a single-channel, 1U broadcast video time delay server; and the TSS-4000, a four-channel video playout with HD-SDI and SD-SDI selectable on a per channel basis.

Matrox VS4Recorder ProAmagi plans to show its new CUMULUS cloud-based broadcast platform. Offered as a platform-as-a-service (PaaS), CUMULUS enables content owners and broadcasters to create and deliver linear and nonlinear streams across cable, satellite, IPTV and OTT on-demand platforms.

Matrox will highlight its VS4Recorder Pro, designed for use with Matrox VS4 quad HD capture cards. Each VS4Recorder Pro system frame-accurately captures up to four video and audio inputs to create files for use with popular editing apps from Adobe, Apple and Avid and for archiving. H.264 is provided in either MOV or MP4 wrappers.

OWC Digital will show peripherals like the USB-C Dock, designed to provide 10 ports with the ability to charge devices and add external storage; the Mercury Electra Max 6G, a 2.5-inch solid-state drive; and ThunderBay 4, an external drive featuring four 3.5-inch drive bays with options for up to 32 TB of storage.

Sonnet Technologies will show its first products featuring Thunderbolt 3 in the form of the Fusion Thunderbolt 3 PCIe flash drive, a rugged, pocket-sized solid-state drive storage device capable of transferring data at speeds of more than 2,000 MBps.

Apace Systems
will show its Apace Offline Drive Manager, the newest generation of the disk-based storage archival system that uses disk-based media to offer archival functionality similar to tape library functionality. The company will also show the Apace vStor v50 series, a hybrid SSD/HDD storage platform optimized for large workgroups that have high-resolution video editing requirements; and the private cloud solution called Apace OurTube, which provides a private media cloud solution with browser-based log in and global access over WiFi and 4G networks.

Imagine Products will show PreRoll Post, an application that eases LTO tape archiving by automating indexing of camera originals while backing up full-resolution media to local disk, long-term LTO tapes or optical disc.

Masstech Innovations will introduce enhancements to MassStore, which allows users to manage media assets and related information throughout their lifecycle for MAM, archiving, news or transmission purposes. The company also announced it has added native support for LTO-7-compliant storage devices across its range of solutions.

SGL will demo the FlashNet User Interface, which provides customers with a dashboard designed to simplify archive procedures. The company will also show the newest version of FlashNet, which allows customers to allocate a pre-defined number of drives within their library for a specific role, such as archiving certain jobs or restoring/archiving material at a certain time of day. The company will also showcase support for Sony’s Ci.

Suitcase TV will show off its MediaStor storage and archiving platform, which has now been released as a standalone solution. Features include support for archiving and spinning disk using new SMR disk technology.

Broadcast Solutions
will be on hand with two new slo-motion 4K servers: BlackJack 4K and Arrow 4K.

Broadpeak tackles live OTT delivery with the nanoCDN, which allows users to deliver live OTT content up to 2160p. Also on display will be the CDN in a Box solution with cloud PVR functionalities, a solution that simplifies the deployment of video streaming services by providing operators with CDN management, video analytics and fast channel change capabilities for live IPTV situations.

BLT ITALIA is calling the BLT SportTouch the first integrated video server with telestrator functionality and a modern human interface that is designed for live production. The company will also show BLT Central Storage, a hardware platform; and the BLT SMS-4U HDTV multi-channel production video server.

For playout, ChyronHego will introduce the Channel Box PRIME playout system, which offers channel-branding capability.

Cinegyi will showcase “Cinegy as a Service, “a new concept that will eventually include all of Cinegy’s software technology, including Cinegy Air, and is ported to run via cloud-based services such as Amazon Web Services, which will enable prospective users to test drive Cinegy technology in an HD or 4K cloud.

Crawford Media Services plans to show its cloud-based solutions, which includes its mass digitization migration service.

DVEO will show the Atlas streaming server, which allows users to stream live events to many subscribers from any H.264 encoder or IP camera, with the ability to serve 1,000 simultaneous users natively. Also on display: Channel Manager ad and EAS playout server with channel-in-a-box features. The server can insert emergency alerts as well as video clips, crawling text and graphics.

EditShare’s XStream EFS 4K storage solutionDynamic Drive Pooli will show off the hand-carriable MicroDDP10GbE, a low-noise, lowpower, 1U Ethernet SAN shared storage solution that weighs about 11 pounds and offers up to 16 TB of capacity. The company will also show the smaller-scale MicroDDP1GbE.

EditShare will showcase the XStream EFS SSD storage solution, designed for bandwidth-intensive tasks such as 4K DPX digital intermediate workflows. It is equipped with standard dual-port 40GbE and 10GbE network cards.

EMC will show the OneFS 8.0, which offers non-disruptive operating system upgrades for the company’s Isilon storage clusters. Other solutions on display will include the IsilonSD Edge software-defined storage solution; and EMC Isilon Cloud- Pools, which enable Isilon customers to archive or tier assets to a private cloud.

Evertz will show the DC-458D Double Density 4K DreamCatcher replay system, a scalable IP-based replay system.

EVS XT3EVS plans to show the 4U ChannelMAX mode within the XT3. This new model will allow customers to double the channel density of their live production server to eight or 12 channels. The company will also introduce the new XS3 media production server, which offers improved content management and greater production integration, and can expand from two to 12 channels as required.

Facilis will showcase the latest enhancements to its TerraBlock shared storage system, particularly its latest SSD technology, which it has incorporated within the Hybrid24 and SSD8 products.

Harmonic will debut its MediaGrid 4000 a high-performance scale-out storage system that increases storage density to 24 6-TB drives in a 4RU chassis, and delivers the performance of a Fibre Channel storage area network (SAN) with the simplicity and scalability of Ethernet-based network-attached storage (NAS). There are two members of the new MediaGrid product family: the MediaGrid ContentServer 4000 offers twice the performance of MediaGrid 3000 system components, a 50-percent increase in storage capacity and double the number of 10-Gb Ethernet ports. Storage capacity can be expanded incrementally by 48, 96 or 144 TB by adding MediaGrid ContentStore 4240 nodes outfitted with 24 hot-swappable 2-TB, 4-TB or 6-TB SAS drives. ContentStore 5840 nodes can also be added to MediaGrid 4000 systems for the highest storage density in the industry—up to 504 TB in 5RU.

Imagine Communications will offer attendees a look at the company’s CloudXtream, a series of cloud-based solutions that allow service providers to introduce personalized services that redefine the video consumption experience.

VSN will feature VSNEXPLORER, which has been newly integrated with Microsoft’s Azure Media Services to create an enhanced MAM on Cloud solution. Among added features: auto-detection of adult content, multi-format cloud transcoding, face blurring in videos and content fingerprinting.

MOG Technologies will show its Cloud Services solution, which supports CDN, video cloud and traditional storage; and mxf-SPEEDRAIL Xpress 2U, which offers storage capability and up to four simultaneous SDI channels.

NetApp's E5600 Series of storage systems allows broadcasters and production facilities to use dynamic disk pools for consistent video bandwidth. NetApp will also showcase the newest features within its StorageGRID Webscale, an appliance or software-defined object storage solution; and its Data ONTAP operating system, a scale-out NAS storage solution that runs on the new FAS8000 Series of enterprise storage systems.

Prime Focus Technologies will feature the newest version of its CLEAR Media ERP suite and its modules, which include Cloud MAM, Broadcast Cloud, Production Cloud, Operations Cloud and SecureScreener.

Renewed Vision will show the newest release of ProPresenter, a CG and video playout server platform now available for Windows. ProPresenter 6 introduces features for broadcast and staging.

Quantum XcellisSpectra Logic will showcase its newest product, the Spectra TFinity ExaScale Edition, a tape storage system designed to protect legacy assets in a smaller storage footprint.

Quantum will debut Xcellis, a shared workflow storage system that consolidates media and metadata management, extends connectivity options, and supports hosted applications. The company will also show Q-Cloud vault support in the new StorNext 5.3 platform. The company’s Q-Cloud Vault long-term cloud storage service is integrated into v5.3 of StorNext to provide Quantum-managed cold storage in the public cloud.

TelVue will show the TelVue GoToAir, a PC-based video application for sports and live event production.

Tightrope Media Systems will show its Cablecast Reflect cloud-based service, which supports delivery of Cablecast’s adaptive bit-rate, H.264 video streams to any unlimited number of viewers. Cablecast Reflect can pull cached files and streams from Cablecast Live and cable VOD servers and send them to viewers.

Torque Video Systems will demo Torque DVStor, a self-contained transport stream recording and playout solution that archives data and can play out a custom playlist of content recorded off the input, or evergreen material uploaded from an asset store.

TransMedia Dynamics will show its Mediaflex Unified Media Services, which provide a unified services platform for a range of TMD media services; and Aperture, an ingest solution.

Susan Ashworth

Susan Ashworth is the former editor of TV Technology. In addition to her work covering the broadcast television industry, she has served as editor of two housing finance magazines and written about topics as varied as education, radio, chess, music and sports. Outside of her life as a writer, she recently served as president of a local nonprofit organization supporting girls in baseball.