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Note: Booth numbers are provided by NAB and are current as of press time. Every effort has been made by Broadcast Engineering to ensure the accuracy of these listings.



Part of Evertz Live Production control system; new features include integrated tally, advanced event scripting, timer control, unified naming and new widgets for the customizable user interface.
Booth: N1502


Crystal Vision SYN 3G

Synchronizer works with 3G, HD and SD sources; designed for applications without embedded audio; synchronizes sources timed to a different reference; corrects any processing delays; ability to cross-lock allows it to use any existing timing signals with any source reference to either HD tri-level syncs or SD Black and Burst; manual freeze allows SYN 3G to be used as a simple still store, while automatic freeze is available when input fails through loss of signal; measures 4in by 10.5in, which fits Crystal Vision's standard frames.
Booth: N1815



Offers minimal focus breathing and short multi-order diffractive optics; newly developed coatings improve blue transmittance and response; compatible with all Premier Series ENG accessories; employs 16-bit encoders, as well as a 2.2X extender, as standard.
Booth: C7525


Bridge Technologies VB12-RF

Portable monitoring/measurement appliance designed for use on the road; features a ruggedized chassis with a form factor smaller than a laptop computer; includes the full complement of broadcast and IP interfaces, along with a wide range of built-in interfaces for RF, ASI and IP; also provides full TR 101 290 alarming and analysis, as well as support for all media transportation codecs.
Booth: SU9819


Axon SLD100

Low-maintenance video delay can store and delay up to one hour of uncompressed SD material (including all blanking) as RAW data; uses SSD disks for reliability.
Booth: N4624

BriteShot Luminator series

Comes in two flavors: the Luminator RGBAW light and the Luminator White; the Luminator RGBAW can produce temperatures ranging from 3100K to 6800K in a wide range of color schemes; also features built-in color correction and built-in lighting effects such as fire, police lights, fire truck lights and lightning; both flavors operate on 3.8A; this power allows up to five RGBAW lights to be plugged into a single 20A wall outlet simultaneously, and powers the Luminator White at nearly 1500ft-candles brightness at 10ft.
Booth: C8228


Broadcast International Managed Media Services (MMS)

Powered by its own CodecSys software; turnkey management system for digital signage and background audio; consists of software, equipment, screens, network, management, installation and field services for a complete interactive multichannel approach; delivers real-time analytics to maximize the effectiveness of corporate marketing and communications.
Booth: SU8523


Canon XJ95x8.6B

Focal range of 8.6mm-820mm (95X zoom); improved optical shift-type stabilizer incorporates a sensor inside the lens that detects vibration; Constant Angle Focusing System uses 32-bit CPU to counteract lens breathing when focusing; weighs 51.1lbs.
Booth: C4325


Primestream FORK Playout

Features unlimited, extendable metadata fields, extensive CG and graphics integration, and sophisticated redundancy options; scales to support multiple stations; facility management controls for managing shared and independent resources across installations; lightweight client gives full playlist control to remote sites via VPN and 3G, allowing broadcasters to control their stations and stations groups from anywhere; integrates with Omneon MediaDeck and Omneon MediaCenter.
Booth: SL6605


Adobe Creative Suite 5.5

New version includes the Production Premium package, which serves many mobile TV production needs; offers updated version of the Premiere CS editor, which features a merge clips command for mixing audio from different cameras shot in the field and support for RED and Canon/Nikon DSLRs; also includes an update of After Effects CS, which features stereoscopic 3-D workflow; additional features include new effects such as Camera Lens Blur and an advanced warp stabilizer.
Booth: SL2624


AmberFin iCR update

New software-based multitranscode capabilities enable users to run up to eight different transcode nodes simultaneously on a single PC, reducing the cost per channel while obtaining better use of computing resources; allows users to create a high-quality file-based HD/SD masters; simultaneously prepares multiplatform versions of video content.
Booth: SU9005


Digital Rapids StreamZHD 3.8

New version of the software for the StreamZHD multiformat, live and on-demand encoding system builds on feature set with further extensions to output, automation and workflow integration capabilities; transforms media for applications from post production to multiscreen live and on-demand distribution.
Booth: SL5624


Aveco ASTRA Studio 2

Enables a single operator to produce a complex live newscast or studio program; by controlling all existing studio equipment, the system lets the operator focus on how the show looks rather than the technical details behind the scenes; advanced features reduce the chance for errors and improve the on-air looks and feel of a broadcast.
Booth: N2138


DVS Pronto4K

Ideal for implementing professional broadcast, post-production and presentation projects; allows compressed and uncompressed material from HD to 4K resolution to be played out, as well as compressed or uncompressed SD, HD and 2K material to be captured in real time; supports a variety of file formats and 3-D playout at up to 2K resolution.
Booth: SL6815


Bright Technologies BrightDrive Procyon

Next generation of the company's G2 Pro; comes in a compact 3U footprint; high-availability server uses integrated connectivity, eliminating the need for extraneous components; supports StorNext 4.2; eco-friendly design lowers cooling requirements and reduces power costs; agnostic architecture allows facilities to seamlessly interface with their preferred applications, protocol, resolution and formats, eliminating the need for investment in new storage.
Booth: SL8410


ATTO Technology R680

Adds RAID protection to direct attached SAS and SATA JBOD storage; provides an affordable and reliable transition from 3Gb/s to 6Gb/s SAS/SATA connectivity to storage infrastructures in general IT and media and entertainment environments via eight external ports; offers transfer rates of up to 1200MB/s per port.
Booth: SL6320


Avitech International Seneca-X HUT/R and VUT/R

Extends HDMI video, USB or KVM switch signal up to 6560ft using fiber-optic cable; multimode optical fiber ensures uninterrupted high-speed, high-quality transmission; VUT/R model is a VGA-over-UTP extender that transmits VGA video, USB or KVM switch signals up to 1312ft away.
Booth: SL8915


Bittree 969-A series

Offer a high-density 2 × 48 jack configuration; available in 1.5 RU or 2RU; are fully programmable to allow users to change the normals and grounding of individual circuits quickly and easily; normals can be changed to full-normal, half-normal or non-normal; grounding can be changed to bussed, isolated or looped; 48 circuits on front panel are numbered from left to right, with rear-interface options including E3, E90, ID (punchdown) and D25.
Booth: SU6519


Brainstorm Multimedia EasySet 3D

Cost-effective trackless virtual set runs on the eStudio on-air graphics and virtual studio engine; offers a comprehensive 3D real-time environment with up to four SD/HD inputs, all from one PC; in addition to bringing in external video feeds, virtually every popular image file format can be imported — making the system open to the integration of external content.
Booth: SL4609


Ikegami HDK-97C

3G field production camera employ next-generation CMOS sensors; multiformat camera supports 1080i/720p and 3G signals such as 1080p60 4:2:2 and 1080p30 4:4:4; allows easy change over between fiber and triax adapters using CCU-970, which is capable of supporting both cable types with simple front panel switch selection.
Booth: C5108


Autocue/QTV Master series

New range of accessories for Master series teleprompters now available, including 22in talent feedback monitor with native HD-SDI and new mounting system; also new is a digital tally light that displays the camera number and changes from red to green when live; an under-monitor talent clock acts as a tally, going green when on-air; new USB hand and foot controls ensure compatibility with the latest PC hardware.
Booth C8525


Riedel Communications MediorNet Compact

Provides a network bandwidth of 50Gb/s — enough capacity for bidirectional transport of 12 HD-SDI signals, dozens of MADI streams or GbE signals, and hundreds of audio channels or intercom ports; provides connectivity for four analog audio I/Os with mic preamps and a dynamic range of 117dB; also features an interface for Riedel RockNet digital audio networks, two DisplayPort outputs, three GigE ports, and connections for serial data and GPIs.
Booth: C4337


AviWest DMNG

Compact, lightweight system streams high-quality live video through up to four bonded 3G or 4G links; touchscreen operating; unit automatically configures itself according to the network capacity; can be installed on tripod or on camera using a small magic arm; weighs 1.5lb with battery, which powers unit for three hours; SD/HD-SDI with embedded audio and composite with stereo analog inputs.
Booth: SU4707


BHV Broadcast Callisto Pico

Derived from the Callisto Micro switcher; two-input switcher offers entry-level broadcast-specification facilities for applications such as webcasting production where space and cost are at a premium; can be controlled by local panel or remote interfaces; offers a set of I/O facilities.
Booth: N4920


Chyron MediaMaker

Integrates Chyron graphics with file-based workflows; extends Chyron graphics capabilities to a wide range of editing and third-party applications; gives video editors and graphic designers access to the same graphics and animations that are being used live on the air; takes producer-created graphics from a wide range of newsroom systems for painless repackaging into the edit suite; integrates applications such as Apple Final Cut Pro, Adobe Premiere Pro and Adobe After Effects with the Chyron graphics workflow suite.
Booth: SL1510


Dalet Brio

Designed to ingest and playout broadcast-quality video in SD and HD formats; each unit features built-in redundancy; works with either its own local storage, directly attached to a SAN or in a hybrid configuration; plays any supported files, including mix of SD and HD, on the same timeline; allows for on-the-fly cross-, up- and downconversion of video signal.
Booth: SL4615


Cinedeck Controller

Free TCP/IP-based application enables multiple Cinedeck RX systems to be managed from any PC, or via a browser, with no additional hardware requirements; drives up to 24 channels (across 12 Cinedeck RX systems) from a single interface; file management is either by local touchscreen operation or via a remote administrator station; can remotely record, playback, fast forward and rewind multiple Cinedeck RX units in sync.
Booth: SL13417


Cobalt Digital SPOTCHECK

Monitors an IP or ASI MPEG stream at the transit encode point to measure and log all material emanating from facilities in larger operations using multi-program MPEG streams; operates at emission MPEG level and leverages automation as-run data to maintain a complete log of all program segments; compliance records can be graphically queried or queried by using as-run search entries, ranging over several minutes to several months.
Booth: N1929


DFT Digital Film Technology FLEXXITY v1.5

Provides Mac and/or Linux support; provides the post software tools for dailies, playout and archive applications for facilities with existing Apple infrastructure; aggregates a number of key functions in one software interface; helps facilities maximize their value and delivery of their content by streamlining audio ingest, image ingest, audio/video synchronization, metadata logging, grading and playout/file generation; its scale-up flexibility allows users to implement a software system that is fine-tuned to their specific needs, from single-user seats to multi-user workgroups.
Booth: C11145


Digital Alert Systems DASDEC

Designed to provide a flexible platform for emergency alert and CAP management in a fully integrated package; includes support for automatic FCC-compliance logging with the system's nonvolatile memory; browser-based interface facilitates simultaneous access by multiple users while making it easy for broadcasters to deploy content to multiple channels and manage all EAS/CAP functions remotely.
Booth: C3346


Video Clarity RTM

Measures audio and video quality and delay, as well as VANC data lines integrity; alarms and records the AV sequences if any of these levels have fallen below a degradation threshold that can be pre-configured by the engineering team; detects fine detail issues such as blur and blockiness; includes reference test patterns.
Booth: SU11302


Digital Nirvana MonitorIQ

Latest version provides compliance logging, aircheck, signal analysis and diagnostics, and content repurposing; records at full SD and HD broadcast quality; based upon an open API platform; provides access to the entire transport stream for analysis and diagnostics, as well as IP multicast to enable IPTV inside the facility.
Booth: N3438


DNF Controls Production Control Application

Designed to provide fast, simple and reliable control over video and graphic playout devices for live and live-to-tape programming; the semi-automated solution works with existing control room equipment to simplify production control, expand production capabilities, enhance production look and branding, and minimize production errors.
Booth: N2115


DVEO MultiStreamer DIG/IP (mini)

Supports both HD and SD H.264/MPEG-4 AVC transcoding, with auto detection; has optional HDMI input instead of SDI/HD-SDI input; outputs include multiple, simultaneous IP streams through GigE port (RJ45), SDI or HD-SDI video loop-through; can upconvert incoming SD streams to HD and serve streams in RTMP protocol for direct playback using Flash players or for publishing to CDNs.
Booth: SU2114


LYNX Technik PDM 5289

Allows almost unlimited shuffling of embedded audio channels and metadata; provides 16 channels of audio embedding/de-embedding for SDI video; can be used to manage multichannel audio, metadata and audio/video delays; also offers flexible metadata extraction, shuffling and embedding; the module functions as a 32-channel audio processor and a Dolby-E synchronizer.
Booth: N4433


EditShare Geevs/Flow

Records Avid DNxHD or ProRes directly to the system's shared central storage; produces proxy files in real time for the MAM, with user-level security, mirror copy and automatic archive; allows users to log shots, and create subclips, as well as sequences that cut between inputs; integrated MAM allows users to view proxy files on their desktops, as well as ingest media from file-based sources such as P2 and XDCAM.
Booth: SL9020


EMC Isilon X200

Unified scale-out storage system capable of scaling from a few terabytes to multiple petabytes and over 30GB/s of throughput within a single file system; features 60-second on-the-fly scaling of capacity and/or performance; namespace operation acceleration via SSD; up to N+4 data protection, set at cluster, directory or file level; intelligent use of SSDs for metadata and file-based storage workflows; ideal for high-concurrency, high-throughput applications and workflows.
Booth: SL6315


Emotion Systems Emotion File Finish

Audio normalization and loudness compliance tool for media files; delivers measurements against predetermined parameters; generates a detailed file error report and repairs files to meet established criteria; supports AIFF, WAV, MOV, MPG and MXF files, and can work with 16-bit and 24-bit audio; can test to multiple loudness targets in a single pass, as well as check and report on true peak values and LRA.
Booth: N3719


S&T RedKey 2

Supports the execution of interactive applications conforming to the MHEG-5 specification with support for all international profiles: UK Freeview HD, Freesat, Hong Kong, New Zealand and Australia; incorporates the company's DSMCC client; CI Plus version is also available for European markets.
Booth: SU8502


EVS E/E News

Combine IT and live broadcast architectures; feature advanced media ingest, including multiple file import, as well as integrated content management and media sharing based on SOA and advanced third-party systems integration; also feature scalable storage with extended client-browsing and editing, (including Web services).
Booth: SL3815


Facilis TerraBlock 5.5

Multiplatform, high-capacity, shared storage system supports 4Gb/s and 8Gb/s Fibre Channel, and GigE and 10GigE through the Facilis Shared File System; v5.5 features include Linux shared file system support, integrated server spanning and mirroring, and Adobe Premiere Pro project sharing; shares both Apple Final Cut Pro 7 and Adobe Premiere Pro projects on multiuser write volumes through the Facilis Project Manager Application and avoids costly overwrites; supports Avid Media Composer 6.0 and Symphony 6.0 on Windows 7 and OS X Lion.
Booth: SL9019


GlobeCast Multiscreen

Allows broadcast clients around the world to stream their content to any Internet-connected device.
Booth: SU812


Fast Forward Video sidekick HD Studio

New, rackmountable version of sideKick camera-mounted DVR occupies only a half RU in width and 2RU in height; directly compatible with sideKick HD, which allows direct transfer of field footage stored on the unit's 2.5in SSD; easy integration with NLE systems and other content sources allows for fast and seamless editing playback to air; industry-standard RS422 control; includes standard analog and AES I/O, as well as GigE port for uploading and downloading of content.
Booth: C6313


Front Porch Digital DIVArchive v7.0

Supports complex DPX packages; enables video-like operations on film-carried content, making it ideal for film production and post-production applications; implements the company's Archive eXchange Format (AXF) technology to protect, preserve and facilitate the exchange of content among storage systems; interconnects every element of operations from archive to production to transmission.
Booth: N5806


FX Design Group

Award-winning set design, fabrication and installation services, including hard sets, 3D digital backgrounds, and facilities and workflow planning; specializing in HD for news, sports and entertainment shows appearing on broadcast, cable, Web and mobile; also offers photorealistic 3D virtual sets; offers lighting gear packages and lighting design.
Booth: C7243


Giant Octopus election graphic packages

Release from FX Design's new motion graphics company; packages offers each television station client its own custom look and original music score for election coverage, along with a standard list of deliverables to accompany the client station's logo; modern (white package) or traditional (blue package — shown) looks offered.
Booth: C7243 (FX Design Group)


Global Reach Group consulting services

Provides distribution, channel network establishment and management, business development, media relations, marketing, and advertising services across the country, or across the globe; comprised of industry professionals from the United States, Latin America and Europe; offers a modular approach to accommodate each client's specific needs; clients can choose between an all-inclusive international package or go one project, one region at a time.
Booth: N4920 (BHV Broadcast)


Florical SMART Central

Provides a portal to access the many automation applications and services that create an operational workflow, which improves both management and staff access to information and control; based upon unique user rights, allows users to perform many functions from any networked workstation with secure access; gives immediate access to critical information to decision makers; uses an SOA environment to handle changes, new requirements and demands placed on the broadcaster.
Booth: N5823


Globecomm Media Processing Center

Developed facility ingests content in native IP format and configures it for delivery in multiple formats through multiple media, from DTH to IPTY to mobile video; simplifies design; reduces operating and maintenance costs; replaces frequent transcoding with end-to-end native IP.
Booth: SU6129


Haivision Makito 2.0

Compact H.264 encoding appliance supports low-latency 1080p60; now also supports direct live RTMP streaming to the Internet and CDNs; can encode multiple bit-rate streams, which then can be simultaneously directed to LAN targets leveraging transport stream multicast and WAN infrastructure with RTMP.
Booth: SL9911


Harris UAX Compact Class and Selenio system

Transmitter allows ATSC broadcasters to fill in coverage areas underserved by ATSC Mobile DTV signal penetration; offers a single-box solution to improve coverage compared to a combination of signal processing, network adaption and/or other components; headend solution features networking system with adaption for connection to large transmission networks; uses latest generation of compression and multiplexing technology to retain image quality for main HD/SD channels and support ATSC Mobile DTV channels.
Booth: N2502, N3400


I-MOVIX SprintCam Vvs HD

Based on Emmy award-winning technology from Vision Research; operates at up to 5800fps in 720p (up to 2700fps in 1080p); provides instant replay at native HD resolution and image quality with a dual output for a live and replay feed; dual output allows operators to shoot and record at the same time; memory is segmented; live and replay views are integrated on the viewfinder; has support for synchronization of two cameras in 3-D ultra-slow-motion capture; features joystick-equipped control panel.
Booth: C4644



A wholesale MPEG-4 content aggregation and delivery service for distributors and integrators operating in the United States; supports delivery of a prepackaged TV programming line-up in a highly-efficient MPEG-4 IP format to cable and telecom service providers.
Booth: SU4919


HiTech Systems HT800 series

Offers direct control of four or eight VTRs for jog, shuttle, cue and play operations; has 2 M/E capability, assemble and insert (including track selection and adjustable frame delay), record inhibit and crash record; features mark in and mark out keys to store a total of 99 in and 99 out cue location points; jog, shuttle and variable sensitivity of the wheel allow for operator preference and VTR type.
Booth: N5020


Inmarsat BGAN

Provides data connection speeds up to 512kb/s, suitable for standard office-type applications such as e-mail, Internet and intranet access, and VPN access to corporate networks; streaming rates of 32kb/s, 64kb/s, 128kb/s, 176kb/s, 256kb/s, as well as ISDN at 64kb/s; rates are guaranteed and on-demand; allows phone call at the same time as having an open standard IP session.
Booth: SU10009


Thomson Video Networks Amethyst III

Now features IP inputs and outputs, as well as ASI interfaces; designed to provide fast, intelligent and seamless switching between multiple 1+1 MPEG transport streams transported over IP networks; makes it easy to secure any IP stream in a headend video compression system; ensures DTV system robustness and service availability; IP inputs and outputs can be managed through multiple GigE ports supporting bypass in case of power failure.
Booth: SU3012


IMT Nucomm Newscaster DR2

Split-box HD/SD COFDM diversity microwave receiver for outside broadcast and other mobile video applications; rugged machined housing provides durability and excellent thermal characteristics for operation in the harshest of conditions; receiver has four RF inputs that communicate directly with the system's external intelligent receivers in the 1.99GHz to 2.7GHz and 6.40GHz to 7.75GHz bands, with other bands also available; use of external intelligent receivers allows receive antennas to be remotely mounted.
Booth: C6423


Jampro Antennas JUHD

UHF panel antenna can be configured to provide various azimuth and elevation patterns; by using optional beam tilt and null fill, the elevation patterns can be shaped to maximize coverage; designed as either a side-mount or a top-mount horizontally polarized antenna, it can be configured to include varying levels of vertical polarization, with results ranging from small amounts of elliptical polarization to full circular polarization; radomes enclose and protect the panels from rain and ice.

Booth: C2307


LiveU LU40i

Weighs less than 1.5lb; features SDI, analog and HDMI outputs; bonds up to six network connections using 4G LTE/3G, WiMAX, Wi-Fi and LAN; includes encoding capabilities for transmitting high-quality HD/SD video from diverse locations, adapting to dynamic network conditions; inputs HD/SD-SDI, HDMI and analog (composite, Y/C, component and stereo audio).
Booth: SU9119


Jünger Audio D*AP LM2

Two-channel digital audio processor; handles both analog and digital (AES/EBU) audio and features an automatic input switchover with parallel output formats; rack-mountable; controllable through a newly designed front panel or via a Web-based interface; incorporates version 2 of the company's LEVEL MAGIC adaptive loudness algorithm, which is compliant with all current broadcast audio loudness recommendations, including ITU 1770 (versions 1 and 2), ATSC A/85, ARIB TR-B32 and EBU R128.
Booth: SU3604


Mosart Multi-Studio Solutions

System designed for multistudio broadcasters by providing streamlined sharing of resources and coordination across several control rooms; scarce resources such as video server ports and graphics engines can be shared; workflow is optimized through template sharing and an automated template database, making it possible to re-use templates in multiple control rooms.
Booth: N1820


I-MOVIX SprintCam Vvs HD 1.2

Updated version features refined, operational enhancements for all four system components that allow operators to use all capabilities of the ultra-motion technology in a simpler, more efficient way; provides higher-quality ultra-slow motion images than previous version.
Booth: C4644


Intopix IP-Cores

The JPEG 2000 HD Family allows users to retain image quality throughout complete production process; features a decoded bit rate range from 250Mb/s up to 1Gb/s; can process up to 120 progressive fps in HD resolution (1920 × 1080); also features support for 4:2:2 and 4:4:4 sampling, as well as constant-bit-rate and variable-bit-rate encoding.
Booth: C5145


Telemetrics Coax/Fiber Link

Cost-efficient, high-performance camera control system for transmitting HD/SDI video over inexpensive cabling; ideal for both permanently installed and mobile applications; employs frequency division multiplexing to transmit multiple signals between the camera and base station for distances up to 3000ft; eliminates the need for video equalizers, frame synchronizers, intercom adapters, microphone phantom power and remote power supplies.
Booth: C9529


TVU Networks TVUPack Cloud

Enables production crews to broadcast live in SD or HD to any size Web audience without the need of traditional receiving infrastructure; is a cost-effective cloud-based alternative to traditional satellite or microwave broadcasting hardware that enables broadcaster to bring live broadcast content to TV stations or Web audience with minimum infrastructure investment.
Booth: SU8519


Triveni Digital StreamScope MT-40

Software update extends the MT-40's audio monitoring capabilities by allowing users to monitor and analyze audio loudness according to ITU-R Recommendation BS.1770; provides the ability to export accurate LKFS/LUFS loudness measurements of broadcasts in real time; provides forensic evidence of compliance that is critical for approaching this issue.
Booth: SU5202


Lawo mc2 series

Features the addition of loudness monitoring for each channel following EBU R128 and ATSC A/85 specifications, and based on ITU 1770; metering is shown in the channel display and the GUI main display; a permanent display of the integrated measurements is provided within the GUI.
Booth: C2046



Captures, records and plays video images at four times the resolution of HD television; powered by the company's Falconbrid large-scale integration chip for high-speed signal processing and a 1/2in CMOS imager with 8.3 million active pixels; delivers real-time 3840 × 2160 footage at 24p, 50p or 60p; uses MPEG-4 technology and a variable bit rate H.264 codec operating at up to 144Mb/s to record up to two hours of 4K video to economical SDHC or SDXC memory cards; also captures and records 1080i or 1080/60p full HD.
Booth: C4314


Media 5 Video 5 Server HD

Simultaneously broadcasts, records and reproduces multiformat playout; includes SQL data base, statistic information system, access control, HTML control, local or remote control; compatible with formats including with DV, MPEG-2, MPEG-2 I-FRAME, DVCPRO, DVCPRO-50, MJPEG, DVCAM, MPEG-2 (ISO/IEC 13818-2) (VBR, CBR) up to 80 Mb/s, MPEG-2 HD-DVD and others; supports SD, HD and 2K video.
Booth: C10445


Linear Acoustic

Employs newly developed psychoacoustic processing that enables content to remain audible in noisy environments on small mobile devices; features two separate multiband processing cores that accept mono, stereo or Dolby 5.1 station audio with full downmix support; loudness managelinment is accomplished by the user's choice of fully automatic, metadata or GPI control modes; AES and HD/SD-SDI I/O are standard.
Booth: N3737


Grass Valley Trinix NXT

Latest enhancements include on-screen mouse and cursor functionality to expand individual tiles to full screen, powerful signal monitoring, status, alarming functions and the ability to import and export configurations for predetermined screen layouts; each multiviewer board includes 32 scalars with all inputs and outputs on each board supporting all video standards from 480i to 1080p.
Booth: SL106


Matrox Mojito MAX

Provides broadcast-quality input and output for a range of editing apps; facilitates H.264 encoding for deliveries to the Web, mobile devices and Blu-ray, all in a single 3/4-length PCIe card.
Booth: SL5115


Miranda Technologies Axino

Loudness monitoring and correction processor for high program count, IP transport streams; provides continuous monitoring and selective loudness correction across hundreds of programs carried within an MPEG IP transport stream; loudness monitoring and logging is performed using BT.1770 and EBU standards; loudness control can address excessive segment-to-segment and program-to-program loudness.
Booth: N2512


Net Insight Nimbra 310

Provides service-centric network management, QoS Enhanced Links and lossless routing; compact one-box access for multi-service transport of media and data services, targeting the increasing demands for transport of real-time sensitive media and data applications; applications range from high-end video services such as studio production and contribution to broadcast distribution in IPTV/cable TV or DTT/mobile networks.
Booth: SU3919


NETIA Media Logging

Meets increasing demand for a mixed A/V digital monitoring system; modular design allows setup of advanced infrastructures; gives ability to record, centralize and view content from multiple sites; lowers operating and storage costs due to automatic purging and use of MPEG-4 compression.
Booth: SU812

SOCIAL MEDIA TOOLS Synchronized Companion App Framework

A key component to the flagship Interactivity Suite (IS); framework helps develop branded applications that push/pull relevant information or media to a second screen such as a tablet, smartphone or PC; support for most major broadcast protocols allows framework to be an active return channel to the broadcaster, meaning mobile devices and PCs become peripherals for enabling participation TV, interactive content and remote control.
Booth: SL4730


Quantel QTube

Links remote studios to headquarters to support frame-accurate editing over the Internet — all with low latency and full security; supports SD and HD; local and remote media can be mixed on the same timeline.
Booth: SL2415


Myers Information Systems ProTrack On-Demand

Module enables media facilities to build, schedule, track and publish program and sales packages; provides transcode requests for station-defined distribution platforms and needs, such as mobile, Internet, cable, DVD and more.
Booth: N4616


Manzanita TS Editor

Transport stream editor modifies VOD and advertising assets without re-encoding original files; enables content and service providers to frame-accurately edit MPEG-2 TS arbitrarily at any frame; adds and removes SCTE-35 messages from VOD assets; includes optional tools for modifying packets and tables, and editing fields within various structures such as transport, adaptation and PES headers.
Booth: SU3702


Nevion Ventura VS904

Provides H.264 4:2:0/8-bit and MPEG-2 4:2:0/4:2:2/8-bit capability with bit rates from 2Mb/s to 80Mb/s; supports multiple audio codecs, including SMPTE302 pass through, MPEG-1 Layer II, HE-AAC, AAC-LC and AC-3; offers a low-latency option of 250ms (end-to-end) while maintaining high visual quality.
Booth: SU2019


Avid Motion Graphics

Leverages the latest advancements in real-time 2D/3D graphics creation; designed to enable users to create stunning content that cuts through the visual clutter, quickly integrate graphics into their stories, get to air faster and easier, streamline workflows, and build brand recognition.
Booth: SU902


Screen Service Broadcasting SDT ARK-6 series

Can be used as a transmitter, a heterodyne transposer, a regenerative transmitter and single-frequency echo canceller; implements DVB-T/T2, PAL, ATSC/MH, NTSC and ISDB-T modulations; allows selection of transmission modes in various ways: remotely, using a dry contact, via SNMP commands, via TCP/IP using the Web graphic interface, or even via a dedicated command inserted into the transport stream.
Booth: SU4306


Snell Signal Sentri

Designed for the automated playout environment; watches over the main and back-up signal paths, using the company's Hyperion content monitoring system and an intelligent 2 × 1 changeover switch to play an essential role in signal-path decision-making and switching; serves as a comprehensive video, audio and metadata monitoring and reporting system that can trigger the signal changeover automatically or provide detailed information for an operator-controlled decision; packaged in a 19in, 1RU form factor; offers a variety of interfaces, including RS-422, GPI and Ethernet back-up.
Booth: N1820


Clear-Com HME DX210

Wired intercom interface now compatible with Clear-Com's or RTS' 2-wire systems; provides two separate 2-wire and 4-wire interconnections; 1RU base station supports up to 16 full-duplex and 44 half-duplex beltpacks and/or wireless headsets by linking four base stations.
Booth: C8008


Orad PlayMaker

Designed to meet the growing challenges of live sports productions; provides up to eight I/O channels of high-quality ingest in multiple video formats, including DVCPRO, DNxHD and JPEG2000, with synchronized slow-motion replay and editing tools; with its PlayNet module, the server provides Gigabit network file sharing between servers for preview, copy or instant playout of clips from remote servers; introduces instant import and export capabilities to almost any storage or NLE environment for a fast turnaround workflow .
Booth: SL4524


NVerzion KISS

Newest version of Keep it Simple Scheduler features intuitive interface that allows users to operate with or independent of NVerzion automation; can be integrated with a QuickBooks interface, simplifying the process of generating invoices and reports, and virtually eliminating billing errors.
Booth: N4912


TV Logic LVM-212W

Features 21.5in standard screen with native full-HD resolution and 3G-SDI; also features 16.7M colors (True 8-bit) with automatic color calibration; can be controlled remotely via Ethernet or wirelessly.
Booth: SL5005


Panasonic UHS-1

Offers a transfer rate of 90MBs and offload speed of six minutes with a singular clip; user must have a computer embedded with USB 3.0 technology and be equipped with a Panasonic UHS-1 USB adapter or an SDHC card slot that supports the memory card's chip to achieve this transfer rate; incorporates a Super Intelligent Controller System (SICS) that extends the archive shelf life of the card and its recordings, provides power failure protection, and controls the data writing to the card so that the entire card is used fully over its lifetime.
Booth: C3607


Sencore VideoBRIDGE

Adaptive stream monitoring enhancements will help operators ensure desired QoS from the point of origination, through the delivery network and onto the customer-premise end viewing devices; users will be able to monitor quality of all popular adaptive bit rate streaming protocols by adding licenses to their existing VideoBRIDGE probes, by including the OTT options with new probe installations and by installing VideoBRIDGE software modules directly onto multiscreen client devices; the new options will monitor protocol breakdown, peak, average, total bandwidth use, advance packet loss and jitter metrics, and more.
Booth: SU3612


Softel Swift Create

Subtitling and captioning software and workstation supports all formats of Open, Closed and DVD/Blu-ray subtitles and closed captions; operators can prepare subtitles and captions remotely, using a “browse quality” clip; software can be used with Swift ReSync TiGo to automate the process of timing subtitles to video as they are initially typed or spoken.
Booth: N1525


Pilat Media IBMS

Integrated Broadcast Management System offers flexible and scalable information backbone capable of adapting to changing requirements; new automated metadata workflow enables automatic import of metadata for large volumes of content; can check for and retrieve missing metadata; drives transcoders to prepare media for distribution; creates and places offers in service navigation menu based on metadata values such as genre, resolution and cost.
Booth: N4429


Ross Video Furio

Available in two versions: FurioRobo and Furio RC (Remote Control); FurioRobo is designed for live television production studio use in which typically a single operator controls multiple cameras with pre-set shot and motion path recalls; consists of a pan-tilt-zoom head, rail-based dolly system with elevator and sophisticated IP-based control system; Furio RC is designed for applications in which an operator controls the camera system remotely using a joystick or local fluid head and foot pedals to move the camera along the rail up and down; ideal for live stage productions; translates the camera operator's every move to the remote camera.
Booth: N3807


Rushworks A-LIST

Provides intuitive, single- or multichannel SD/HD output for broadcast, PEG channels and Internet TV; features include DTMF and GPIO triggers, drag and drop scheduling, Auto-Loop, Auto-Fill, Auto-Bug, File Segmenting, multiformat playback, real-time upconvert from SD to HD, router control, dedicated EAS crawl, traffic import and the ability to record live events; supports streaming directly from the system.
Booth: C9915


Solid State Logic C10 HD

Provides a self-contained console with no additional processing racks and passive cooling for smaller spaces; broadcast production automation option provides support for Ross and Sony production automation systems; a 5.1 upmix option generates multichannel surround output from stereo sources; dialog automix option ensures reliable multimic talk show audio level management.
Booth: C2013


Thinklogical MX48

3RU, protocol- agnostic, modular, non-blocking router of video and peripheral signals over multi-mode or single-mode fiber-optic cable; suited for environments such as small broadcast facilities and small post-production houses; has 48 duplex fiber ports in and out; redundant, hot swappable, current-sharing power supply modules; features 6.22Gb/s of bandwidth; offers 16 × 16, 32 × 32 or 48x 48 non-blocking matrix; has coaxial SFP modules for SDI/HD and SDI/3G video.
Booth: SL10424


Thomson Broadcast FUTHURA Plus

Designed to offer a 50-percent improvement in efficiency over current standard transmitters; uses drain modulation technology for an advance toward meeting lower energy consumption targets in the broadcast industry; the company's fully automatic real-time Digital Adaptive Pre-correction technology corrects linear and nonlinear distortions, while low-operating junction transistor temperatures contribute to extended durability.
Booth: SU3012



LTO-5 tape drive (1.5TB) supports AVC-Intra 100, AVC-Intra 50, DVCPRO HD, DVCPRO 50 and DVCPRO files; designed to enable archive at ingest systems; records video footage as an MXF file in real time by simply pressing record and play on the front panel controls; doubles as a material/program exchange media server; features HD/SD-SDI I/O, GigE interface for file-based I/O, and RS-422 for external VTR control; 3RU half-rack chassis; built-in LCD screen for convenient monitoring.
Booth: C5219


Signiant Media Exchange (MX)

Private cloud solution with fast, secure file transfer designed for the business needs of media content providers from major studios and global broadcasters to regional, post-production houses; users receive unattended, real-time updates without having to check for new content or wait for downloads; uploads can be done without an agent, reducing the steps required to send or obtain content for increased operational efficiency and scale.
Booth: SL4228


PESA Expanded Data Exchange Engine

Provides essential signal processing to distribute AES3, AES3id, time code, analog audio and MADI in one frame without external converters; converts any input type to a packet stream and can be switched as stereo pairs or as two independent mono analog channels; each unit supports up 24 ports in 1RU and can interconnect I/O frames to build a system up to 1536 × 1536 mono; five units can be connected together to 7680 × 7680 mono.
Booth: SL9615


Studio Technologies Live-Link Jr.

Provides everything needed for a single-camera live event; provides data link between a camera operator in the field and a production vehicle or fixed installation; interface supports SD-, HD- and 3G-SDI data signals, as well as IFB and intercom audio; transports audio as embedded SDI data.
Booth: C3747


S&T Player

MHEG application for VOD services including catch-up TV, with flexible back-office integration using the new Mediator product; offers a configurable and customizable application for browsing and navigation of content as well as playback control for hybrid broadcast broadband platforms.
Booth: SU8502


TBC Consoles TracWall

Displays from 15in to 65in can be bolted directly to the grid with fixed, tilt/swivel and articulating mounts; cables are channeled directly into base cabinets, which also provide storage space for additional rack equipment and power supplies.
Booth: C6516


Salzbrenner Stagetec Mediagroup NEXUS

Functions as an audio network, a router and an I/O matrix; offers audio format conversion, A/D and D/A converter systems, audio processing, data forwarding, routing interfaces, multichannel metering, power amplifier control and intercom; optical interconnections carry all audio and control data in a digital format; graphical control software application allows any input to be routed to the desired outputs.
Booth: C3332

SOCIAL MEDIA TOOLKIT Interactivity Suite

Flagship product is a toolkit for creating technical backbone of interactive broadcast and digital marketing campaigns; enables viewers to influence broadcasts in real time and gives them peer-to-peer interaction; broadcasters can aggregate user-generated content from social media sites such as Twitter and Facebook into programming, and build synchronized companion apps that enable viewers to interact with their televisions via tablets, PCs or smartphones.
Booth: SL4730


Rohde & Schwarz R&S THU9

Liquid-cooled transmitters delivers output power of up to 36kW for ATSC and ATSC Mobile DTV; attains efficiency values of up to 30 percent for ATSC, including the cooling system; features built-in pump unit and bandpass filter; 7in display unit has a touchscreen and LEDs that indicate the system status.
Booth: SU3407


TE Connectivity Quareo Technology

Designed for the physical layer or layer 1 of the OSI model; based on unique identifiers for every connection point in the network, where a connection point can be defined as one end of an Ethernet cable or a port on a network device; is a Connection Point Identification technology, which provides unprecedented knowledge about the network, including accurate documentation and report changes, as well as enhanced security; enables higher network availability while lowering the network operating costs.
Booth: C11128


Telestream Episode 6.2

V6.2 adds improved and expanded API with a new XML-RPC interface for Episode Engine, as well as a faster, more robust command line interface; adds new formats such as AVC-Intra, ProRes 4:4:4:4 and expanded MPEG-2 VOD support; features 24-channel audio support; now supports Mac OS X Lion.
Booth: SL1405


Tedial Ficus Web client

Enables implementation, monitoring and execution of production workflows in a full Web-based environment; delivers features such as proxy editing followed by the automatic creation of a high-resolution version.
Booth: N6506



Runs natively on Mac OS X, Linux and Windows; installation-free client and centralized updates; features seamless load-balancing and automatic fail-over; includes editorial tools such as spell check, word blacklist, rundown buddy, rundown stopwatch and rundown time markers; includes plug-in for Final Cut Pro integration.
Booth: N3418


Thales Angenieux Optimo 45-120

PL-mount 45mm to 120mm T2.8 zoom lens has been designed for 35mm film cameras and new generations of digital cameras; available in meters or feet, its focus ring has a 320° focus rotation with more than 50 precise focus witness marks and minimal breathing; small and light enough for handheld cameras, steadicam or crane; long enough for close-ups.
Booth: C6019


Blue Lucy Media Miura

Complete nonlinear client/server-based video and audio ingest for linear-to-file-based-content acquisition for SD and HD sources; accepts an (HD or SD) SDI signal at any frame rate or resolution and simultaneously writes a full resolution MPEG-2/4, MXF-wrapped (OP1a) master file at high bit rate together with a lower resolution, frame-locked, browse-quality proxy.
Booth: N3719 (Emotion Systems)


NewTek 3Play 425

Four-input, two-output slow-motion system supports the simultaneous display, recording and instant replay of all channels; designed to give users an affordable option to deliver instant replay and slow motion for broadcast, webcast, arena scoreboard displays and more, without sacrificing quality; existing customers of the NewTek TriCaster can incorporate 3Play 425 into their programming over Ethernet, freeing up the live video inputs for cameras.
Booth: SL5111


Litepanels Sola 4

DMX-controllable LED Fresnel fixture features a 4in Fresnel lens; uses a small fraction of the power consumed by conventional fixtures; employs Litepanels' proprietary LEDs to produce a soft light quality in 5600°K daylight color balance; based on the same Fresnel technology as the company's Sola 6, but in a smaller, more lightweight form factor; focuses from 70 degrees to 10 degrees; can be dimmed from 100 percent to zero with no noticeable shift in color temperature.
Booth: C6025


Shure ULX-D

Features 24-bit, 48kHz digital audio; wide frequency range with flat response for low range and transient response; greater than 120dB dynamic; encryption-enabled (AES-256) for any application for which secure transmission is needed; up to 64MHz overall tuning range (region dependent); up to 14 active transmitters in one 6MHz TV channel (17 on an 8MHz TV channel); more than 60 compatible channels on one frequency band; up to 328ft working range dependant on signal absorption, reflection and interference.
Booth: C1610


Snell Sirius 830

15RU router features high-performance modules for flexible routing of SD, HD, ASI and 3Gb/s signals; advanced hybrid processing (AHP) technology is built-in; new embedded audio and AES/MADI processing modules with AHP provide embedded audio routing, audio track swapping and processing on all inputs and outputs; this allows users to route any combination of embedded, discrete and MADI sources and destinations; without compromising inputs or outputs, AHP allows additional processing to be added by simple firmware updates in the future.
Booth: N1820


Viking Satcom RC1500A

Features include automatic positioning capability for use with polar-mount antennas; also features optional control for 24V feeds such as the FEED-4CKUMOTO and a high-resolution pulse sensor interface; tracking option is available.
Booth: OE3013


Sonnet Technologies Fusion RX1600Fibre

Four-port, 8GB Fiber Channel (FC) interface supports up to four users without needing an FC switch; integrates into larger SANs; supports Final Cut Pro environments; provides for AVID volume locking; delivers aggregate bandwidth up to 1000MB/s; tunable rebuild priority enables ability to work on projects with full-read performance during a RAID group rebuild; does not degrade like general-purpose shared storage systems; can have 16TB, 32TB or 48TB capacity.
Booth: SL8713


Thomson Video Networks ViBE EM4000

Incorporates MUSTANG 2.0 — a more powerful evolution of the company's compression engine — within a multichannel frame; designed to deliver significant operational cost savings through better use of satellite or terrestrial bandwidth; with its integrated architecture and multichannel HD capabilities, the encoder delivers valuable energy savings and reduces the complexity of headend infrastructure.
Booth: SU3012


Tiffen Dfx 3.0.5

Adds compatibility with Avid 64-bit systems, including Media Composer, Symphony v6.0 and NewsCutter v10.0; offers enhanced filter control; adds support for 16 Sony camera models; adds Dfx Paint Mask tool with new blur controls providing more control over blending and transitioning in effects and filters; adjustable brush slider covers large areas; brush coverage can scale up to 50 percent of the screen.
Booth: C8818


Broadcast Microwave Services NT5723SDHD

Features include low power consumption, one-frame latency (end to end) and a frequency range of 5.725GHz to 5.850GHz; 1920 × 1080i (HD); Part 15 license free (U.S.); measures 3.35in × 1.19in by 5.6in (without brackets); weighs 1lb (0.45kg).
Booth: C9545


ViewZ VZ-240PM-3G

Features 24in IPS LCD screen with 1920 × 1200 resolution; brightness of 400cd/m2; 1000:1 contrast ratio; 3G-SDI input; HDMI in; component in on BNC connectors; RJ-45 remote control; HDMI-to-SDI active loop through; two built-in 2W speakers.
Booth: C3940


ESE ES-210

Quad 1 × 6 1MHz/5MHz/10MHz distribution amplifier provides four independent 1 × 6 frequency DAs in a single rack-mount enclosure; each DA has loop-through inputs and six isolated outputs, which are all accessible via BNC connectors; uses screwdriver-adjustable gain controls that are located on the front panel; the gain controls provide an overall signal level adjustment of -1.5db to +3.4db.
Booth: C6437


Harmonic ChannelPort

Speeds the cost-effective deployment of new television channels by integrating flexible branding and master control switching with clip playback; fully compatible with all Harmonic Spectrum media server components; fits seamlessly into existing infrastructures to simplify the launch of new services; rich multilayer graphics and dynamic text can be easily keyed over programming, while support for a broad range of automation systems offers users the freedom to choose what's best for their workflows.
Booth: SU1802



Two demodulators provide DVB-T/T2 RF monitoring and analysis either through an intuitive Web-based user interface or integration with a network management system; provides an extensive range of RF measurements, T2-MI analysis capabilities (DVB A14-1), IP/Ethernet statistics and EPG/EIT verification, as well as monitoring of six transport streams over ASI or IP; also features easy-to-use user configuration and control.
Booth: SU7907


TV One C3-340 CORIOmatrix

Features 16 AV universal module slots; automatically recognizes the modules inserted as an input or output module; this flexibility allows end-user configurations to be based on their own needs instead of the router forcing a certain setup and limited configuration; offers up/down/crossconversion on the outputs; offers DVI-U input/output modules that accept HDMI, DVI-I, YUV, YPbPr, RGBHV, RBBS, RGsB, Y/C and composite video; 3G/HD/SDI-SDI and HD/SDI-SDI hot swappable modules are also available.
Booth: C5647


Videssence ExceLED 225

225W unit has adjustable beam spread; provides long throw and high light levels required for film and video in large production studios and similar applications; “Nine Light” in spot mode with daylight LEDs provides more than 200 footcandles at 50ft; has a 30,000-hour life achieved through precision heat sink design; all units are provided with power cord and choice of c-clamp or stand adapter; may be ordered in dim and non-dim configurations.
Booth: C6537


TMD Mediaflex API

Provides an open standards interface for the integration of business and technology systems with the Mediaflex Workflow engine, as well as with the Media and Digital Asset Management functionality of the product suite.
Booth: N3716



Provides comprehensive, cost-effective systems integration; addresses and resolves the challenges that today's growing file-based/IP-centric projects command; has expertise in both traditional integration and international class know-how in shared storage (including cloud), high-performance networks, 3G fiber architecture and media asset management.
Booth: N1119


VidOvation Meridian

Designed for high-quality, zero delay, wireless, RF camera links; offers short-range transmissions as an affordable alternative to traditional COFDM systems; uses license-exempt channels while offering secure encrypted transmissions for applications ranging from large-screen presentations and award ceremonies to live broadcast events.
Booth: SU11012


Vimond VCC

Vimond Control Center (VCC) is capable of deploying television services across multiple screens; streamlines OTT production workflow by breaking the various production elements down into manageable workflows, which can be customized depending on the need; uses tagging functionality to simplify the process of and increase speed of content management; integrates with the major encoder and transcoder solutions, enabling automation of live and on-demand video ingestion.
Booth: SL10711


Ensemble Designs BrightEye Mitto 3G Fiber

Scan converter has DVI, VGA or HDMI inputs; provides SD, HD or 3Gb/s SDI video outputs, as well as an optical SDI output; complete control of audio levels, channel mixing and audio delay is provided for the analog, AES and embedded audio inputs; can also be used with Apple's iPad and iPhone, enabling video from these devices to be converted to SDI.
Booth: N2524


Eartec Simultalk 24G

Full duplex wireless transceiver designed for hands-free short-range communication; operates in 2.4GHz unlicensed spectrum; field-programmable frequency selection via DIP switch; range of up to 450ft; weighs 4.5oz.
Booth: C8230


PlayBox Multi-Channel AirBox

Provides multiple video playout channels on one server; offers a wide choice of features, including Live-in, audio re-mapping, Dolby Digital support and loudness normalization as a part of QCBox; newly supported video file formats include AVC Intra and Apple Pro res.
Booth: N5834


Wohler Technologies HDCC series

Two new versions are available; the first is a full-featured model that provides all the capabilities of the current HDCC series dual-channel captioning/subtitling card within the openGear form factor; the card features a range of capabilities, including independent dual-channel operation for encoding, decoding and monitoring of captions with versions to support every major global standard, as well as encoding and decoding of multiple GPI cues and 3G support; the second version is a cost-effective single-channel encoding solution designed to complement the new Ross Nielsen watermarks encoder (NWE-3G); provides CEA-608/708 captioning functionality.
Booth: N5211


AJA Video drivers for Final Cut Pro X 10.0.3

Enables use of Io XT and the latest AJA KONA cards, including KONA 3G, with Final Cut Pro X; 10.2 X Beta drivers enable beta broadcast monitoring feature available in Final Cut Pro X 10.0.3.
Booth: SL3305


Studer Vista 9

Features the company's Vistonics TF touch-screen interface that shows 10 channel strips, with rotary encoders and switches mounted directly onto the screen; during a live production, a FaderGlow feature lights up select faders on the console, in one of eight assignable colors, to give operators a quick and easy way to find desired channel groups; channel meters are able to show mono, right through to 7.1-channel signals, in the upper section of the screen, while the lower portion can show bus assignment or, for surround channels, an image of the surround composite.
Booth: C2619


VITEC Optibase MGW Transcoder

Hardware-based system intercepts live streams from the network and transcodes them to a variety of resolutions, data rates and MPEG formats; allows operators to optimize IPTV content and full-motion video with metadata to meet specific transport requirements or fine-tune data rates and video resolutions for user playback devices.
Booth: SL5915


Avitech International Sequoia 2H2U

Features two HDMI and two autosensing inputs for 3G/HD-SDI/SD-SDI; includes integrated mouse/keyboard control; can be communication cascaded with other Sequoia Solo units; supports up to 1920 × 1200 resolution; 25W maximum power consumption.
Booth: SL8915


Doremi Labs Dimension-3D

Allows the conversion of any standard 3-D format to another, including changing of the frame rate; standard video formats are supported from high definition to 2K; accepts both dual- and single-stream, as well as HDMI inputs and outputs; enables double-stack 3-D projection; by encoding the left- and right-eye streams into a single HD-SDI stream and back again, the unit becomes ideal for recording 3-D content on standard HD tape and server technologies.
Booth: C9533


Hitachi Kokusai SK-HD1500

Features three 2.3-megapixel 2/3in, progressively scanned IT-CCDs; records at speeds of 150fps and 180fps; its outputs are digital HD/SD video at 1080i, 720p and 480i, all at 59.94Hz or 50Hz field rate; uses 16-bit RGB converters to improve dynamic range, signal-to-noise and color fidelity; capable of 6Gb/s transmission over SMPTE standard optical fiber; compatible with most slow-motion servers capable of 3X SMPTE292M 1.5Gb/s HD-SDI links.
Booth: C4309


Utah Scientific UCP-LP

Family of menu-based router control panels feature high-resolution, full-color LCD displays and buttons to provide user-friendly operation for increasingly complex routing systems; panels offer 16 or 32 buttons in a compact 1RU package, as well as an innovative 3RU panel with dual-touch-screen LCD displays; all of the new panels are based on a completely new, user-definable menu system that provides a completely open platform for defining all panel functions on a panel-by-panel basis.
Booth: N4511


Weather Central ESP:LIVE

Gives broadcasters hyper-local mapping, advanced storm tracking algorithms, interactive data display capability and a suite of tools to give viewers what they need, when they need it; features include looping X-Vision data, X-Vision 3D velocity, velocity scope for live radar, looping level 2 data and dual pol radar support.
Booth: SL3911


Apantac TAHOMA LI-16HD

Capable of looping inputs for further distribution or duplication; single frame processing delay; 16 auto-detect HD/SD-SDI with active input loop (no composite); upgrade from SD to HD, HD to 3G via software; 16 channels of embedded audio per SDI input; four channels of discrete audio per input (optional); supports DVI, HDMI, VGA (optional) and SDI (optional) outputs; supports full 10-bit HDMI 1.3 outputs; output resolution up to 2048 × 1080 (including 1080p); built-in Cat X extenders extend 1080p (DVI/HDMI) up to 115ft with optional active receivers.
Booth: N4806



Designed for environments such as central control booths, studio engineering panels and OB facilities; housed in a half-rack mount; accepts up to two input modules and offers four simultaneous channels; rack depth of 13cm; HDMI or SDI output.
Booth: N5015



Enables fast, efficient processing of various compressed, uncompressed formats; designed for content ingest, playout and transcoding; includes built-in secure RAID storage; the system's openness grants users seamless production processes and allows for workflow efficiency.
Booth: SL6815


Clear-Com Concert for Newsrooms

Allows users of newsroom applications to communicate with each other and simultaneously initiate a call and/or chat; allows for conferencing while participants are working in stories; interfaces with external audio systems; program feeds can be interrupted by important communications from the news director or producer.
Booth: C8008


DK-Technologies DK3

New version features a 3G HD/SDI video input for de-embedding audio from a video stream; enables use with any 5.1 audio format, including analog, AES and SDI; ITU-, EBU R128- and ATSC-compliant; can be powered by USB port for on-location recording.
Booth: C9942


Fischer Connectors UltiMate Original Series

Includes four mechanical codings and visual coding to prevent misconnection; push-pull connector is available in a wide range of body styles, sizes and configurations, including multipole contacts from two to 42 poles; IP68/69K sealed even unmated; tested according to IEC norm 60529; withstands temperature fluctuations from -55°C to 135°C.
Booth: C12348


Wheatstone Dimension One

Uses the company's Gibraltar DSP engine; control surface features motorized faders and is layered so that each fader controls two sources, each of which can be mono, stereo or full 5.1; faders can be “paged” together or separately; each fader also has a “spill” function, which allows its individual channels to spill out onto separate faders (two for stereo or six for 5.1 sources); LED displays always indicate a fader's current source to eliminate operator confusion; features automatic mic mixing to optimizes the levels of several microphones during dialogue, and Audio-Follow-Video (AFV), which allows the console to automatically control input channels based on the video source currently being taken.
Booth: C2615



Designed for single-operator, multi-camera production using a touch screen and PTZ cameras, so no camera operators are required; support up to eight inputs (SD or HD), a variety of SD and HD PTZ cameras, nine named presets per camera, lower-third titles linked to presets, a switcher with chroma keyer, graphics and CG overlays, quad split and PIP effects, MPEG-2, AVI and WMV file encoding, and simultaneous video streaming; software for both systems is identical, but REMO is configured in a ruggedized case for portable production environments.
Booth: C9915


Dolby Laboratories Digital Plus

Enables delivery of high-quality audio across any device and any distribution workflow, including broadcast, OTT, online and on-demand; platform includes scalable and bandwidth efficient multichannel coding designed for bandwidth-constrained delivery networks, in addition to pre- and post-processing technologies such as loudness control and device playback sound optimization.
Booth: SU1212


Wowza Media Server 3 AddOns

With three AddOns, Media Server 3 becomes full streaming media infrastructure; Wowza Transcoder AddOn transforms live stream from encoders, IP cameras, IPTV headends and other sources to H.264; Wowza nDVR AddOn stores content in normalized format as single live stream cache that can be delivered on PCs, tablets, smartphones and TVs; WowzaDRM AddOn integrates with digital rights management platforms to deliver on-the-fly encryption for live and VOD content to any screen.
Booth: SU9702


Linear Industries LEX2000

Generates an ASI or SMPTE-310 output from multiple audio, video and metadata sources; MPEG-2 encoder uses intelligent scene analysis, adaptive decision logic and nonlinear quantization to achieve excellent quality video, even with multiple video programs and bandwidth constraints; its statistical multiplexer applies multilayer control algorithms to optimize encoding rates of multiple MPEG-2 streams.
Booth: SU7219


Genelec 8250A

Features 8in bass driver, 1in metal dome treble driver; frequency response of 38Hz-20,000Hz; amplifier power of 150W on bass channel, 120W on treble channel; compatible with proprietary Genelec Loudspeaker Manager (GLM) control software and can be combined with Genelec 8200/7200 series products in the same control network.
Booth: C1332


Wohler Technologies RMV16

Gives control rooms and other mission-critical areas the power and flexibility to drive up to 16 separate monitoring windows to a common flat-panel display; mix-and-match design allows broadcasters to select the number of inputs and outputs they require and to display these sources combined with waveform, vectorscope, de-embedding and metering of up to eight audio channels, UMD, timecode and insertion/display of both clock and still images; accepts inputs including analog composite video, component, SD-SDI, HD-SDI and 3G, and can provide outputs in VGA, DVI and HDMI formats.
Booth: N5211


XenData archive systems

New standards support includes ability to write files to and restore from LTO tapes in LTFS, as well as tar formats in a single system; spans folder structures across multiple LTO tapes; has ability to defragment LTO tapes, freeing space from overwritten and deleted files; management of disk, as well as LTO, allows frequently-accessed files to be cached.
Booth: SL12513



Equipped with a high-grade 7in or 9in touch screen and easy-to-use GUI; features a highly flexible screen layout with scalable instruments, as well as ATSC A/85 loudness and true peak measurement; 16-channel audio interface options are analog, AES3 and AES3id; 3G/HD-SDI interface option is available; offers Ethernet/LAN, USB, VGA and GPIO ports.
Booth: C1844


Volicon Observer

Equipped to measure AC3 dialnorm levels; compliant with ITU BS.1770-1 and BS.1770-2, ATSC A/85 RP 2011, CALM Act, EBU R128 and ARIB-TR-B32; new to the loudness module are graphing, exporting measurements, and integration and reports with as-run logs; intuitive overlay controls within the Observer system's Web-based interface allow users to maintain continuous measurements that identify program loudness and loudness range.
Booth: SU5715


TMD Mediaflex V4

Suite of applications delivers an integrated system incorporating comprehensive business and operational workflow management; manages the lifecycle of media content from concept to archiving; enables users to easily search for, retrieve, browse and catalog media content in multiple formats.
Booth: N3716


Grass Valley LDK 4427

Allows users producing programs in resolutions up to 1080p50/60 to send their signals across any type of cable infrastructure; performs a 1-to-1 conversion of a 3G fiber camera signal to a 3G triax signal; ancillary data are also converted on a 1-to-1 basis, with full access to all transmission diagnostics at any time; compatible with the LDK 8000 Elite and LDK 4000 Elite HD camera heads.
Booth: SL106


Cobalt Digital Loudness Metering System

Easy to use option ensures thorough audio level and LKFS assessment; integrates with the company's Fusion3G range and most COMPASS cards; works with the OGCP-9000 remote control panel and WINOGCP desktop virtual control panel to provide a flexible, complete system for ingest or on-air loudness measurement, assessment and records; cards forward audio measurement data to the control panel over the plant's Ethernet network.
Booth: N1929


Ross Video NWE-3G

Modular, future-proofed system with a 16 audio channel, 3Gb/s process core and passive bypass protection on all audio and video I/O; a single openGear frame now can be configured with a complete air path solution for Nielsen encoding, loudness processing for CALM compliance and Dolby encode/decode, with room left over for other complementary solutions such as SCTE trigger detection or fiber transport.
Booth: N3807


Avitech International Seneca-E.264

High-performance, real-time MPEG-4 AVC SD and HD video encoder; supports 3G-SDI HD video, HD/SD-SDI SD video; for audio, supports two embedded SDI, two unbalanced analog or AC3 pass through; encodes dual-channel HD in MPEG-4 AVC high-profile level 4.2 or 4.0; supports CBR and VBR with rates from 2Mb/s to 30Mb/s depending on profile; 15W maximum power consumption.
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Chyron Desktop Multi-Viewer

Software-based application gives any operator, including master control operator, the ability to monitor and control multiple remote desktop systems simultaneously from a single desktop within a single application; displays each system in a view-only grid view without affecting any on-air devices; operator can manage and control a particular playout system by maximizing the view of that system; based on VNC technology, with the application acting as the client; compatible with most VNC servers in use today.
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NVerzion Ethernet Machine Control

Network-based protocol that links the operator to workflow; controls multiple machines along a distributive network; provides fail-safe environment; allows multiple applications to use any machine in the network; each EMC-NT controls up to 16 devices; supports and interfaces with legacy machine control systems; loop-through capability is available for use with master control interfaces; allows individual or delegated control by the overall automation system.
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Blackmagic Design Videohub v4.9

Routes SD, HD and 3Gb/s SDI video; ranges in size from 16 × 16 SDI up to the 288 × 288 Universal Videohub, which can mix SDI and optical fiber interfaces in a modular rack-based design; update adds new Smart Control configuration software, which lets users define up to 10 macros each with their own source and destination routing commands that can then be activated by one button; adds support for allowing destinations to be locked from a Smart Control panel as well as Videohub software.
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Wohler Technologies RMQ-230

Allows users to watch video and monitoring data in up to four display windows on a single 23in 1920 × 1080 LED backlight screen; accepts 3G/HD/SD-SDI, analog composite and HDMI inputs in varying configurations tailored for different monitoring applications and price points; allows broadcasters to mix and match video input formats on a single screen; can display waveform and vectorscope while also providing audio de-embedding, audio metering of up to eight channels, UMD, timecode and various markers; users can also configure the system as a single full screen or with one large screen and three smaller windows.
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Broadpeak +screensCDN

Systems manage bandwidth and storage usage, increase QoE and eliminate churn; on display will be the BkM100 CDN Mediator, which models network topology and provisions video POP according to content popularity to optimize backbone bandwidth usage.
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Snell Vega

Allows users to configure any signal port independently for fiber or coax (copper), easing a mixed connectivity environment and helping broadcasters to migrate simply and cost-effectively; unique design enables any port to be configured as either an input or output, providing a flexible asymmetric routing system available in 2RU with 96 ports or 4RU with 192 ports; uses proprietary algorithms to monitor every sub-assembly continuously; offers a full range of options for maximum redundancy, including dual crosspoints, dual controllers, dual power supplies and dual fans.
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Brainstorm Multimedia Easy On-Air Graphics

Runs on the eStudio graphics engine; includes an intuitive toolset for live streaming of graphics based on building highly creative designs on pre-defined templates; designed to simplify workflows and content creation, enabling template editing, playlist creation and live playout from a single user interface — all while saving time using the company's smart templates and automatic data look-up.
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Volicon Observer Mobile

Allows access to content anywhere, anytime through an iPad or iPhone; designed to provide greater flexibility, portability and the added convenience of accessing live Observer streaming along with back-navigation of previously recorded content from both local and remote locations; offers the ability to play, pause, search and create logged content on demand using smart devices; provides broadcasters with instant access to the final broadcast product to ensure quality and compliance.
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Cobalt Digital Blue Box Group

Modular signal conversion line is designed to answer the demand for high-quality, price-competitive signal conversion equipment; initial product offerings include HDMI to SDI and SDI to HDMI converters, and analog to digital, digital to analog converter boxes with audio embedding and de-embedding.
Booth: N1929


Weather Central Interactive Toolkit

Offers flexibility and customization, maximizing online and mobile revenues and delivering a consistent weather story on-air, online and on mobile; at the core is a display of impact data and targeted advertising based upon weather types and user preferences.
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The Switch network upgrade

Phase one of expansion brings 21 new cities onto upgraded network for a total of 27 locations, with plans to connect 23 additional cities across the United States and Canada in the coming year; long-haul transmission system is capable of transmitting in any format, including uncompressed 3G, uncompressed HD-SDI, compressed HD (JPEG 2000) and 270Mb/s SDI.
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Stantron Broadcast E-Racks

Available in 25in, 30in, 34in, 36in, 40in, and 42in depths; choice of 40U, 45U or 52U heights; welded racks; powder coat finish in one of four colors; features horizontal lacing bars ever 7in.
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