LYNX Technik to unveil AutoControl automation feature

At IBC2013, LYNX Technik will unveil a new AutoControl feature for its APPolo Control System.

The APPolo Control System is a user-friendly, intuitive and self-configuring control system for remote control, status monitoring adn SNMP error reporting. Typically used with the Series 5000 CardModule system, APPolo is the heart of a centralized control system that can easily be expanded to grow with the user's system. From a single rack to hundreds of racks located in different locations, the system can be easily used for controlling or small or larage Series 5000 system installations.

The new AutoControl feature allows users to configure and set system conditions for any parameter in a system, which, if met, will trigger pre-programmed and automated actions. For example, if it is required to change signal routing based on a given video format being detected elsewhere in the system, users can program the system to monitor the required input signal and then trigger a change to the signal routing settings on a distribution amplifier located anywhere in the system.

For more information, visit LYNX Technik at IBC Stand 8.C70.