Harmonic enhances Spectrum ChannelPort

At the 2013 NAB Show, Harmonic introduced enhancements to its Spectrum ChannelPort branded channel playout system. ChannelPort now delivers dual digital video effects (DVE) capabilities, extended codec support, Pitch Blue compatibility,

independent branding of simulcast channels, support for external key/fill and live feeds, voiceover from live or file-based sources, and on-board closed-caption file insertion.

The system speeds the cost-effective deployment of SD and HD television channels by integrating branding, master control switching, and intelligent media fetch with integrated playout control of live and clip sources on the Spectrum media server platform. The integration of graphics — including the keying of multi-layer motion graphics, DVE, and dynamic text over recorded or live video — eliminates the need for external graphics devices and simplifies playout workflows, enabling channel branding capabilities.

With the addition of the dual-DVE function, broadcasters can play out two simultaneous programs on the branded channel, typically a squeeze-back on credits during the end of one program, alongside a preview of upcoming attractions on the other. In addition, the independent branding for simulcast channels enables broadcasaters to create unique looks for a channel that airs in multiple formats or on multiple platforms and screens.