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Startups gear up for glory with SPROCKIT

Have you ever dreamed of starting a company, or fantasized about being a millionaire by 30? Maybe as a kid, you had a lemonade stand. If so, you have something in common with the men and women that started the companies that will take the stage at this year’s SPROCKIT, a new program at this year’s NAB show that gives emerging, market-ready companies the opportunity to present their product or service live to decision makers, industry visionaries, global media and potential funders.

The companies chosen to participate are:






Standard Media Index

The Whistle



These companies represent “some of the most exciting up-and-coming companies in the business today,” according to Gordon Smith, president and CEO, NAB.

SPROCKIT was created in partnership with World Series of Start-Ups, LLC, and Springboard Enterprises, under the tagline "Gearing Startups for Glory," and will run through Thursday, April 11.