TV One showcases C2-2375A universal 3G-SDI converter

TV One featured its new C2-2375A universal 3G-SDI converter supporting high-quality bi-directional conversion between analog and digital video formats at IBC2012.

C2-2375A inputs include: two DVI-U (supporting YC, CV, RGBHV, DVI, HDMI, YPbPr and YUV); one 3G SDI input; one RGBHV/Y, Pb, Pr/CV and YC on 5 BNC connectors; and one Tri/Bi reference input. Outputs are two DVI-U, 1 SDI; one 3G-SDI; one RGHBV/YUV or Y, Pb, Pr on 5 BNC connectors.

The C2-2375A provides high-quality bi-directional conversion between a range of analog and digital video formats. The high-resolution RGB/YPbPr output is selectable as virtually any PC or HDTV resolution and with the exclusive AutoSet feature, it takes the hassle out of setup by automatically sizing and positioning so that the computer image fits exactly on the video screen. The second output can be set to a completely different format and resolution.