Dimetis showcases the most complex interoperability test at IBC

Dietzenbach, Germany – September 19th, 2011 – Dimetis showcased the interoperability field trial conducted by one of the most important German telecommunication facilities at this year´s IBC.

Different hardware vendors were invited to take part in this worldwide first interoperability test for media services.

Dimetis was selected as the leading IP broadcast software vendor to create seamless integration of MPLS, DTM and other video adaption layer technologies.

Dimetis flagship product BOSS Link Manager® as Operation Support System (OSS) enables end users to focus on their daily business operations rather than getting dragged into bits and pieces of network challenges.

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About Dimetis GmbH

Dimetis is the IP Broadcast Leader, providing standard-based Operational Support Systems (OSS) for telecommunication and broadcast industry. Our software solutions manage most of the public broadcast TV in D-A-CH on the distribution side. With 2 million IPTV subscribers, our pioneer solution in streaming/IPTV is the global leading deployment.

Dimetis contribution suite dynamically moves live content as well as large files from anywhere to anywhere combining different technologies. With 10000 managed services per day, Dimetis flagship solutions innovate the market in content moving space.

“Everything we have developed in the last 25 years in network management comes down to a simple touch. Our software is beautifully designed, easy to use and scalable,” comments Dr. Shahin Arefzadeh, Dimetis CTO/COO.

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