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Providing Superior Image Quality Like No Other

Belden’s Brilliance® broadcast video cable exceeds the standards by design for maximum bandwidth, minimum return loss and minimum attenuation loss, providing customers with superior quality in both sound and picture.

Available from Maser Communications, these cables already meet the very tight specifications for electrical properties and are ideally suited for both analog and digital video in broadcast, post-production and other critical video applications.

A key element in the Broadcast industry is to provide superior quality in both sound and picture. Belden’s broadcast video cable achieve high quality performance through providing longer lengths, they deliver 3 Gigabits (4.5GHz), guaranteeing return loss (-23 dB from 5 MHz to 1.6 GHz and -21 dB from 1.6 GHz to 4.5 GHz), provide quality and consistency, no connector issues and re-pulling of cable, having very low attenuation and the fact that Belden measure 75 ohms to 4.5 GHz to give the user REAL data for 1080p/50 applications.

As a result of this high performance technology world leader in installation Sony has selected Belden to assist Sky Italia in the world’s largest new installation in broadcasting, where the key focus is on high definition. Sky Italia wanted to operate more HD channels so they needed Sony to ensure that all new cable systems could meet their more extensive demands for the future. As a result Sony chose Belden for this project due to quality and reliability being a leading factor, the tests carried out on the cables and the excellent results that the cables provided and they meet extended international and European standards. The result according to Sony, Belden provided more than just a cabling solution they provided the right solution, on time and ensured the highest possible performance.

Belden’s HD cables are also used in all the major international sporting events such as the Commonwealth Games, the Winter Olympics, Football World Cup and the Basketball World Cup. Thanks to Belden viewers are assured of the best possible quality sound and picture, wherever they are in the world.

New pricing has just been issued to Maser so contact the Maser sales team today to arrange a meeting with your local rep to discuss further. Maser can offer customers expert advice coupled with our extensive array of high quality products to fit customer requirements and budgets from a simple home entertainment fit out to the largest projects, with absolutely everything in between.