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Snell & Wilcox announces AmberFin

There’s a new player in the broadcast space from a company well known in the broadcast space. The new company is AmberFin and it’s part of Snell & Wilcox.

This morning (Sunday) Joe Zaller, VP of corporate development for Snell & Wilcox announced the formation of a new division called AmberFin. Know what AmberFin means. Nothing, it’s just a name we were told at the press conference.

Simon Derry, the company’s chief executive, said Amberfin represents a software platform based on Snell & Wilcox’s iCR hardware product. One key difference between iCR and AmberFin’s application is that the AmberFin platform operates as a file-based workflow and processes content on a non-real time basis. Tag line for the venture is “AmberFin iCR delivers the ultimate multi-platform video content experience.” The new company’s brochure has a headline that’s sure to catch your attention; “Make money in your sleep.” Sign me up.

AmberFin currently has about 40 employees. Derry said the company is focused on three key client needs: helping them increase their revenue, control their production costs and enabling them to produce fast-to-market solutions.

Where do they get these names?.......