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OCTOPUS6 has a new exciting range of inputs and outputs which will be presented at 2011 NAB Show for the first time

Prague, Czech Republic – March 28, 2011 – At NAB2011 in Las Vegas, OCTOPUS Newsroom is going to introduce OCTOPUS6 new product features and applications that significantly extend broadcasters reach.

OCTOPUS6 newsroom computer system is from now on available on any major platform and device. Journalists can create news using computers with Linux, Mac OS X or Windows platform, send messages from their iPhones or Android phones directly to OCTOPUS6 and publish up-to-date information on any social network such as Twitter, YouTube or Facebook. What's more, online data from social networks can be also used as sources for their stories. Story orientated workflow which is managed directly from OCTOPUS system enables journalists to work on one story regardless the output.

OCTOPUS Mobile, an OCTOPUS6 application integrates iPhones and Android phones into newsgathering workflow. It is an offline/online client that can be used in places with no internet connection or when preparing a story on the go. Journalists can browse wires, write a story, add video, images or sound. When finished, the story is sent to the OCTOPUS6 list of stories where it is ready to be added to rundown. The application is the most efficient tool for news production in terms of costs and speed nowadays. With OCTOPUS Mobile you can send only one journalist in the field to prepare the entire story which can then go on air in almost no time.

Next, OCTOPUS6 can be integrated with any social network such as Twitter, YouTube or Facebook. The flow of information is bilateral. Journalists can publish messages outside OCTOPUS6 as well as use online data as sources for their stories. This is particularly beneficial if you need information quickly or for some reason can't access info officially through news agencies. Great example is current situation in Libya or recent earthquake in Japan. Journalists can publish messages immediately or plan time when it will be published in the future. OCTOPUS6 monitors feedback on each story such as number of likes, comments or retweets in order to measure popularity of individual news. When using social networks as sources for stories, this feature enables to search for key words such as Japan or follow a concrete account.

As usual, NAB visitors will have an opportunity to see OCTOPUS6 integrated with third party systems through the MOS protocol. There will be 2 complete news productions at our booth. OCTOPUS6 will be integrated with Aurora system from Grass Valley and Vizrt Pilot on Windows and with Fork from Building4Media, Apple Final Cut Pro and Vizrt Pilot on Mac OS X. The latest version of OCTOPUS6 will be also presented at our technology and sales partners' booths.


About OCTOPUS Newsroom

OCTOPUS Newsroom is the world leader in providing platform independent newsroom computer systems in the TV broadcast industry with a history of more than 10 years of excellence. OCTOPUS6 is the latest version of its primary product, cost-effective and reliable newsroom computer system running on Windows, Mac OS X or Linux platforms. OCTOPUS system has been successfully installed into more than 80 channels including broadcasters such as Al Jazeera English - Worldwide, Euronews in France, Fox Turkey and AAJ TAK in India.

For additional information, please contact:

OCTOPUS Newsroom (NAB Stand #SU820)

Tel.: +420 221 181 511

Fax: +420 221 181 521