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Jünger Audio Unveils New TV Audio Processor at NAB 2010

Dynamics processing specialist Jünger Audio will be unveiling a new TV Audio Processor at this year’s NAB Convention in Las Vegas (Booth SU7206). The device, which is primarily designed for TV playout facilities, will provide Loudness control, Upmix and surround sound processing for up to eight channels of audio.

Peter Pörs, managing director of Jünger Audio, says: “This latest addition to our product range fulfils the quality requirements set by major broadcasters around the world. Maintaining loudness consistency is now a major issue for our industry and one that particularly affects playout facilities because they have absolutely no control over the broadcasted content’s average operating levels. Our new processor is designed to solve this problem for them in a very easy and cost effective way.”

The wide band 8 channel processor (8x1, 4x2, or 6+2) focuses on automatic and adaptive loudness control using Jünger Audio’s renowned LEVEL MAGIC™ algorithm (ITU compliant). It also offers dynamic filters so that the sound can be ‘coloured’ much more easily than one can achieve with a traditional multi band sound processor. Optional Dolby Decoding and Encoding (D, D+, or Pulse), as well as metadata management, are also provided along with 5.1 Downmix and Jünger Audio’s recently introduced UPMIX functionality.

“The new processor is capable of handling digital inputs (AES) and, through interface slots, all other usual audio formats including all SDI versions (SD, HD, 3G),” Peter Pörs adds. “It is controllable through front panel and Web based GUI, plus remote control, and GPI – and it comes with a redundant power supply as standard.”

Jünger Audio will also be using the NAB platform to show its entire suite of DSP and interface cards for its ground-breaking C8000 LEVEL MAGIC™ automated audio loudness control system for production and broadcast.

The company will show LEVEL MAGIC™ in a complete set-up that offers a fully integrated workflow solution for managing surround sound and Dolby coded 5.1 audio signals in production, ingest and playout. This includes 3G HD/SDI De-embedding/Embedding with VANC, Dolby E resynchronisation with in-built video delay and Dolby Metadata generation.

Also included is the latest addition to the suite - Jünger Audio’s new UPMIX functionality, which was introduced at IBC 2009. UPMIX effectively completes the chain, making it possible for broadcasters to resolve the interrupted ‘surround sound feeling’ while reproducing mono and stereo sources and also maintaining UPMIX loudness consistency compliant with Dialnorm and ITU specifications.

Pörs adds: “The new UPMIX function was developed and introduced as a direct result of customer demand. Broadcasters, particularly those in the USA and Asia, recognised that with High Definition/5.1 installations on the increase there was a real need to resolve this problem. There are other products on the market that can sort out the upmix of stereo signals, but ours is the only solution that also delivers a dedicated scenario for mono sources as well as loudness consistency. We achieve this by linking UPMIX to our LEVEL MAGIC™ adaptive level control algorithm. In this way we are effectively sorting out two problems at once and helping broadcasters deliver a much better listening experience to their viewers.”

The UPMIX function takes a mono or stereo signal and filters the ambient information as well as the spectral composition to create a proper 5.1 upmix. The solution comes with a SURROUND CHECKER™ auto format detector, enabling the LEVEL MAGIC suite to identify the channel format of the signal and initiate adequate UPMIX or 5.1 processing.

At the moment the software runs on a separate DSP card but in future it will be available as a simple plug-in that can easily be installed alongside LEVEL MAGIC into existing C8000 systems.

Completing Junger Audio’s NAB presence will be the new C8482 SDI/DSP board, which is a development of the C8487 combo SDI/DPS board unveiled at last year’s NAB exhibition.

C8486 combined SDI input and DSP processing on the same board, enabling higher channel capacity, while still remaining upgradable to 8 channels and HD. This made it much more cost effective per channel for Satellite, IPTV and Cable operators. The new C8482 board works on the same principle but allows customers to connect two different TV programmes on one board. Each SDI stream carries only one stereo channel, rather than the two channels carried in a standard combo board. Both versions are easy to operate and offer very low costs per channel, making them ideal for all re-broadcasters.

Please come and see us at NAB (booth SU7206) where we will be happy to demonstrate our entire range of new products.


About Jünger Audio

Established in Berlin in 1990, Jünger Audio specialises in the design and manufacture of high-quality digital audio dynamics processors. It has developed a unique range of digital processors that are designed to meet the demands of the professional audio market. All of its products are easy to operate and are developed and manufactured in-house, ensuring that the highest standards are maintained throughout. Its customers include many of the world’s top radio and TV broadcasters, IPTV providers, music recording studios and audio post production facilities.