Joseph Productions Streamlines End-to-End Business Management With ScheduALL Software

HOLLYWOOD, Fla. — May 12, 2009 — ScheduALL today announced that Joseph Productions Inc. (JPI), a provider of complete production, technical, and telecommunication event support in the Detroit area, is using ScheduALL's Enterprise Resource Management (ERM) software to establish consistent scheduling across its many departments and achieve greater productivity and profitability with existing staff, facilities, and resources.

"JPI is a leader in sports and entertainment production and in today's economic climate we must maximize our use of in-house resources," said Sheldon J. Nueman, JPI president and CEO. "We're constantly looking for ways to save money, and the ability to tie costs directly to resources is critical. ScheduALL makes this data readily available and gives us the visibility and management tools we need to allocate personnel and resources appropriately and cost-effectively across all of our business groups."

JPI currently provides technical production facilitation in telecommunications and broadcast management services for the Detroit Tigers at Comerica Park, the Detroit Red Wings at Joe Louis Arena, Cobo Arena, Studio 600 in Detroit, and the Ford Motor Company Conference & Events Center. The company also operates businesses including a retail store and charter boat service.

Over the course of a single day, the company may manage a live show in an area venue; coordinate transmissions from a live sports event to the broadcast network; provide crews, rental equipment, and freelance staff for the broadcast; and perform additional in-arena production work. In addition to 20 full-time staff, JPI works with 150 part-time employees. ScheduALL centralizes personnel scheduling and makes updated information available via a secure Web interface. In managing quotes and projects, the software also consolidates project data for all of the company's work within a single system and database rather than on individual laptops and workstations, providing real-time insight throughout the organization.

With current resource availability at their fingertips, JPI's sales force can now book client projects and schedule equipment and facilities — including as many as 40 rooms — without delay. When scheduling work for existing clients, the salesperson can quickly access customer data and previous project history from the ScheduALL database. By centralizing this information and linking work performed to both internal and external cost data throughout the project, ScheduALL accelerates the invoicing process and improves the company's cash flow.

Prior to implementing ScheduALL, JPI required two to three weeks to close a larger project. Now the company uses ScheduALL to maintain a current record of costs over the course of a project, allowing both JPI staff and clients to see how much of the budget has been spent at any given point. With ScheduALL, the scheduler can view client data such as when a client is nearing its allotted budget and when it must approve additional dollars. Once the work is done, JPI uses this data to build an accurate client invoice quickly.

ScheduALL has enabled JPI to streamline the end-to-end management of its projects and to deploy its resources more effectively in completing this work. Going forward, JPI plans to leverage ScheduALL's interoperability platform to integrate ScheduALL with its Peachtree accounting software to further improve productivity and financial visibility. As an added benefit, this will also eliminate burdensome paperwork and the need for duplicate data entry for quotes and final billing.

"JPI is on a smart growth path, and ScheduALL supports this growth by enabling our staff to do more with less," added Nueman. "By reducing the legwork and paperwork involved in project scheduling, making it easy to determine availability of staff and equipment, providing real-time cost data for each client and project, and enabling rapid invoicing at the close of a project, the software is a tremendous resource saver for us."

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About Joseph Productions

Joseph Productions Inc. (JPI) provides complete production, technical, and telecommunication support for tape, film, and live events including meetings, conventions, ceremonies and openings, and sporting events. JPI's services include worldwide satellite, fiber, and copper transmissions, as well as mobile production facilities. Since its founding in 1976 by current president and CEO Sheldon J. Nueman, JPI has become a leader in technical production and facilitation, working with clients such as ABC Sports, ESPN, FOX Sports Net, HBO, CBS, PBS, WJR Radio, WXYT-WWJ Radio, WDIV, WJBK, WXYZ, the National Hockey League, and Major League Baseball. JPI also serves local talent agencies and television stations with sound and theatrical support. More information is available at

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