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Gilze, the Netherlands - March 2008 - AXON‘s modular infrastructure and communications system Synapse has been enhanced with the release of the GQW200: a 3Gb/s, HD, SD-SDI quad split to QWXGA converter which form the building blocks of the modular multi-viewer.

The GQW200 quad-split cards can be used to build a very flexible multi-view system. A multi-viewer can easily be expanded by the addition of another GQW200 per 4 channels, resulting in an 8 channel multi-viewer. Every additional GQW200 would provide an additional group of 4 channels. The unit supports resolutions up to 1920x1200. A Tally and UMD OSD is included. This will enable a very compact monitor solution with the UMD and Tally as part of the set. High-quality in-house developed de-interlacing and scaling algorithms ensure crisp picture quality.

Besides this GQW200, AXON will also released a HQW200 (HD/SD version) and SQW200 (SD only). Both HQW200 and SQW200 are designed in such a way that they can easily be upgraded to handle 3Gb/s-signals.

Some of the key advantages of the GQW in multi-view applications are:

• Modular / Linear expansion

o Start with 4 inputs, grow to 40 inputs when needed

• Extreme low latency of the whole system

o 20ms for 50Hz video

o 17ms for 60Hz video

• Compatibility up to 3Gb/s

• Output choice of DVI up to 1920x1200 and 3Gb/s SDI for 1080p

• Preset based storage of all graphical settings

o One mouse click or ACP command can re-organize the multi-view graphical settings

• The system can be combined with a choice of over 130 other infrastructure and conversion product out of the extensive Synapse range in the same frame.

AXON‘s CTO Peter Schut is excited with the release of the GQW200. “More and more customers asked us to add a multi-viewer to our product portfolio. For us it was only logical that if we would add a multi-viewer it should be implemented into our Synapse range. This and the Synapse philosophy have resulted in a modular multi-viewer. The modular nature (it fits into the same frames as the other Synapse modules) combined with the low latency make it an unique product in its kind.”

AXON will show its modular multi-viewer at NAB (booth SU11620) where AXON shares a booth with its global partner NVision.

For Press Information:

Geert-Jan Gussen or Margot Timmermans, AXON Digital Design B.V., Lange Wagenstraat 55, 5126 BB, Gilze, The Netherlands Tel.: +31 (0)161 850 450, Fax: +31 (0)161 850 499, e-mail: