VCI Solutions Offers the Real Deal; No More Manual Automation

Springfield, MA, January 29, 2007 - VCI Solutions announced today that the latest release of their autoXe MC automation system is the ‘Real Deal‘ and is now available. autoXe MC eliminates the need for manual automation. Its advanced technology enables automated content life cycle management, setting a new level of distinction in the market. The key component that differentiates autoXe MC from other automation systems is that the operator can manage 1, 15, 50 or more channels with one workstation, in one screen, using monitor by exception. In addition, ALL metadata is housed in one database, allowing multiple users access at the same time without the need for any dedicated workstations.

The system is easy-to-use and to understand and the results are unsurpassed. “Simply put, there is no other automation system that is using this smart automation technology to enhance a station‘s operations”, said Jamie Meyer, VCI Solutions, Automation Division Manager. “Our autoXe MC system is one-of-a-kind in its offering. It is built upon a modern platform that enables automated content life cycle management.”

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About VCI Solutions

As a steadfast contributor to the media market for over 24 years VCI Solutions has become a trusted and reliable business partner for the future. VCI Solutions is committed to the success of their clients by providing them the tools, flexibility, and knowledge they need for growth. VCI Solutions‘ product portfolio is comprised of the Orion® business system, autoXe™ automation systems, and the advanced Xe™ platform. All of these products are designed to streamline media operations to create a more efficient workflow and higher revenue. VCI Solutions continually enhances their products and services for the ever-changing market, so that their clients stay ahead of the curve with a competitive advantage.