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EditShare Brings New Product Line To Broadcast Asia 2010

Next-generation Complete Collaboration solutions on display at Asia’s largest media event

Singapore – May 27, 2010EditShare®,EditShare®, the technology leader in cross-platform collaborative editing and shared media storage, will showcase their Complete Collaboration product line at the Broadcast Asia 2010 exhibition held in Singapore from June 15 – 18, on stand 7A3-05.

EditShare Storage and XStream Series Version 6.0

The award-winning shared storage solutions are renowned for the advanced Avid® and Final Cut Pro® project and media sharing. Unique production features are designed specifically for post and broadcast workflows, providing an ideal shared storage infrastructure for editing workgroups. New version 6.0 feature highlights include;

Optimizations for DPX Workflows - With Version 6.0, users can enable DPX optimizations on a per-Media Space basis, and choose specific optimizations for HD-DPX or 2K-DPX workflows.

“User Groups” for simplified administration - Version 6.0 allows for the definition of groups of users. Once a group is defined, it can be added and removed from Media Spaces and Project Spaces and managed the same way as individuals. Users can also belong to multiple groups.

Managed and Unmanaged Space Capabilties - Version 6.0 includes the ability to convert Managed Spaces to Unmanaged.

Media Space Renaming Feature - Administrators now have the ability to change the name of a Media Space.

New Versions of Netatalk and Samba - By updating to the latest versions of Netatalk and Samba, EditShare ensures the fullest compatibility with the latest versions of Mac OS® X and Windows® 7.

Graphical Interface - Version 6.0 features a sleek new look to bring it visually in line with EditShare’s Flow, Ark and Geevs solutions.

Integration of Solid State Drives - Version 6 allows EditShare to offer its first shared storage server with Solid State Drives (SSD). A single set of 16 SSDs can support multiple streams of 2K DPX files, 50 or more streams of video in formats including ProRes or DNxHD, or hundreds of audio streams for mixing applications.

Dual Port 10-Gigabit cards - With Version 6, EditShare systems now offer a Dual 10-Gigabit option, providing facilities with greater bandwidth and flexibility.

EditShare Ark 2.0 - Media Archives and Backup Solution

Fully integrated with EditShare’s award-winning shared storage solutions, Ark 2.0 offers superior media file protection for broadcast and post, providing digital and tape-based options for creating backups and archives. Version 2.0 new feature highlights include;

Integration with Flow for Complete Backup - Integration between Ark and Flow ensures that all archived clips now have a record in the Flow database prior to being copied to Ark. Flow scans all clips to ensure that proxy files have been created. Ark updates the Flow database to keep a record of exactly where each archived is located. Flow users can then search and browse all clips stored on Ark.

Integration with Flow for Complete Restoration of Files - Having a record in the Flow database of all archived or backed clips makes restoration of files from Ark easier than ever. It is now possible to search or browse for clips even though high-resolution versions are “offline” and stored only on Ark. Through Flow Browse, users can play low-resolution proxy versions, incorporate them into sequences, and then restore the desired high-resolution versions to any EditShare Media Space. From within Flow Browse, authorized editors are able to set up Restore jobs to occur instantly or at a later, scheduled time.

Support for Multi-Drive Tape Libraries - Ark 2.0 supports a wide range of tape loaders and tape libraries. Autoloaders and libraries with multiple tape drives can now be used.

Activation Feature for Ark Disk - A new activation feature allows customers to utilize their Ark Disk system as a rapid failover should one of their main storage systems fail.

Improved Tape Management - The new Ark user interface now graphically shows which tapes are currently loaded into a Tape Library and in exactly which slot they can be found.

EditShare Flow 2.0 – Production Asset Management

Fully integrated with the award-winning EditShare shared storage solutions, Flow offers advanced media management capabilities for post-production and broadcast production workgroups. The new version 2.0 feature highlights include;

Edit While Capture - In addition to the current “chunking” feature, Avid® and QuickTime® users can now ingest with Flow and begin editing on their NLE timeline within seconds. Clips expand in the background while you continue to edit.

Bandwidth-Controlled File-Based Ingest - Flow 2.0 introduces bandwidth-controlled file-based ingest, with support for P2, XDCAM, XDCAM HD and AVC-Intra formats. Users can maintain video in its native codec or transcode to a different codec - while simultaneously generating proxy files during ingest. In addition, administrators can control the aggregate bandwidth of transfers to ensure that the network or storage will not be overwhelmed during multiple, simultaneous file-based ingests.

Format Support - Flow now supports the P2, XDCAM, XDCAM HD and AVC-Intra formats for both file-based ingest and HD/SD-SDI ingest.

Ganged Capture - Ingest multiple channels in sync with the click of a button. Metadata is automatically populated across all channels to provide fast workflows, ideal for reality or sports environments.

Batch Capture and Scheduled Ingest Imports from Templates - Schedule your ingests with a simple template that can be imported directly into Flow. The new templates support batch capture with multiple tapes or scheduled live ingests - including to multiple codecs.

Flow Scan Options - Flow 2.0 adds manual or scheduled scanning of non-Flow media stored on EditShare shared storage systems. Flow then adds the scanned clips into the Flow database, while making low-res proxy files in the background.

Bins and Sequences - Flow Browse users can now create Projects, Bins, and Sequences for pre-editing and shot selection. Sequences can be edited and trimmed, and then played back in Flow Browse. Flow 2.0 also provides the ability to drag and drop entire sequences directly into Avid or FCP.

Flow Logger Enhancements - Custom logging templates with pre-defined metadata can be created to provide an intuitive logging interface. Flow Logger supports logging of live feeds or existing media files.

EditShare Geevs 5.0 – Broadcast Ingest and Playout

The new 5.0 Geevs release enhances the production workflow across EditShare solutions, as well as incorporating new core capabilities such as support for ProRes and DNxHD.

User Interfaces - Sleek new user interfaces with improved functionality and intuitive controls for managing media in fast-paced broadcast environments.

Sports Client Application - Multichannel synchronized recording and playback with up to 16 camera feeds, including instant playout from any angle with dynamic slow motion replay. Multiple servers can be accessed and used from a single controller.

Expanded Codec and Format Support - Geevs servers now offer seamless integration with Avid® and Final Cut Pro® editing workgroups using DNxHD, ProRes and ProRes HQ codecs.

Integration with EditShare Storage and Flow - Geevs provides a seamless exchange of media, with direct ingest to EditShare XStream and Storage series, Flow database integration, and real-time generation of proxy files for Flow Browse. View Geevs ingest clips in Flow Browse or Flow Logger, instantly begin working with your captured media during ingest, and organize clips into Bins and Sequences.

High Performance Audio - Support for 32-bit audio and Dolby® E offer Geevs users more advanced multi-channel audio workflows; supporting high end broadcast.

Edit While Capture - Allows EditShare users to begin working with media in their NLE while it is still being captured. Files continue to grow in the background until ingest is stopped.

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