Quicklink launches Mac Live LNG at NAB 2011

Quicklink are proud to announce the release of the Quicklink Mac Live incorporating new superior codec which supports both 3D and HD.The Mac Live from Quicklink has been benchmarked in the market and has been consistently evaluated as the Mac solution that provides the highest quality video and audio output even at the lowest bitrates. The software boasts a simple user interface, for fast setup and go, featuring:

-Automatic default selection of the highest quality camera source, with alternative choices available.

-Option to select an audio source separately from the video.

-Audio codec with 3 profiles - AAC/HEv2 for stereo, and AAC/HEv1 for single channel, music quality at low bandwidth, as well as AAC/LC for low CPU load and mobile device compatibility.

-Audio talkback from the studio to the field reporter operates on non-symmetrical satellite circuits, configurable between 12 kbps and 320 kbps.

-Send up to 8 channels of audio and receive 2 channels of talkback

-Advanced H.264 codec with adjustable error resilient transmission from the field and error recovery capabilities at the studio provide good visual results under conditions of packet loss over poor quality communications circuits.

-Selectable profiles that match the encoding complexity to the available CPU power of older Mac hardware

The Mac Live Software is available to purchase and will also be available for use under the new 24 hr Access License Model

For further information contact sales@quicklink.tv