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AXON will attend the Broadcast Asia show which will be held in Singapore from June 21– 24, 2011. Axon’s presence co-insides with the launch of the Axon Singapore office and the appointment of Felix Ng as sales manager South East Asia. Axon will be showing live presentations and demonstrations from the extensive range of Synapse modular interfaces, SynView multiviewer, Cortex monitoring and control software, TRACS logging/compliance recoding server and is looking forward to meeting its regional partners and clients.

Cortex ultra compact monitoring and control system for workflow management

Cortex, AXON’s monitoring and control software will feature the latest developments with PanelView; a customer-definable User Interface for control and monitoring of Axon and third-party products, with Router Control and SNMP functionality. The latest version of AXON’s Cortex software application makes the implementation of multiple video and audio signal paths easier, more efficient and cost-effective than ever. You take total control over multiple and complex routines involving numerous users. Cortex is supplied free-of-charge with any order or can be downloaded.

This year, the product has been enhanced with additional features, a hardware control panel (CCP1601) and client (redundant) server option. Cortex is supplied to Synapse users free of charge.

SynView 3D multiviewer

The Synapse powered SynView multiview product line has been enhanced with 3D multiviewing. Set-up of the 3D multivewer is done through Cortex. Two multiview inputs are locked to each other and displayed side-by-side. Stereoscopic displays will then output a 3D image. Also tallies, borders and UMD information will be processed for 3D display.

AXON’s multiviewer system SynView, part of the Synapse range, is also available with DVI and VGA inputs, with output resolution up to 1920x1200. Audio bar graphs, multiple Tally and UMD OSD are included as standard. Synview will accept LTC, VITC and NTP for multiple analogue or digital clock displays. Overall, an efficient, integrated monitor solution. SynView is a modular system; every card has its own CPU so is fast to boot and may be used stand-alone. Also additional cards may easily be added to expand an existing system and being modular, SynView may be easily re-configured using our Cortex control and monitoring applications; this flexibility makes SynView attractive to the Hire and Outside Broadcast market where every job is different.

Synapse new products address 3Gb/s applications

Amongst the key new Synapse products is the GRB100 - a 3Gb/s HD and SD 48x16 channel shuffler - re-embedder. With this new unit, the source audio channels used for embedding into the output SDI can be derived from two individual 3Gb/s HD or SD inputs and from the 32 channels that are available in the quad speed multiplexing audio ADD-ON bus.

A neat feature of this card sees the output embedding 16 channels and the source for this audio can be derived from both SDI input 1 (which normally also carries the video) or from SDI input 2. Input two can be connected to a second SDI source that is exclusively used for carrying audio (the two SDI streams need to be clock locked). The unit is also available in an HD/SD version, which can be future upgraded to handle 3Gb/s-signals.

Another important area within the Synapse product line is Dolby © processing. AXON has 15 modules which can either encode, decode or transcode Dolby E, Dolby Digital, Dolby Digital Plus and Dolby Pulse. AXON recently partnered with Dolby in a workshop in the Middle East on “Surround Sound Audio for Multi-Platform Broadcasting”.

TRACS compliance recording

TRACS2, Axon’s 3rd generation video air check / compliance and recording system will be on display with the new HD input feature and the unicast and multicast streaming.