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REALiS Multimedia LCOS Projectors From Canon U.S.A., Inc. Provide Versatile High-Resolution Displays For a Diverse Range of Users

Intricate Detail, Accurate Color, and High Brightness Provide User Advantages

In an age when high-resolution laptops, desktop monitors, and HDTV’s are becoming increasingly common, the expectations that people have for display quality—whether in the office, school, clinic, church, or at home—continue to rise. Large-screen projection of multimedia content (which can include spreadsheets, text pages, diagrams, medical images, video, etc.) is similarly affected, which is why Canon U.S.A.’s REALiS Multimedia LCOS Projectors are a frequent choice where exacting high-resolution detail, high brightness, and precision color are in demand.

The exceptional display capabilities of Canon’s REALiS Multimedia Projectors are the result of Canon’s unique combination of next-generation LCOS (Liquid Crystal on Silicon) reflective LCD panels and Canon’s proprietary AISYS (Aspectual Illumination System) optical engine. AISYS enhances the display advantages of LCOS by efficiently utilizing and equalizing light from the projector lamp. This advanced technology, combined with a Genuine Canon zoom lens, a wealth of user-friendly features, compact size, and affordability and has made Canon’s REALiS Multimedia LCOS Projectors the choice of a wide variety of businesses, schools, medical facilities, as well as houses of worship.

One example of the high-quality benefits of Canon’s AISYS-enhanced LCOS technology can be seen at the Engineering Information Group of the publishing giant Elsevier. There, software code is written, which requires exacting detail. Proofreading each letter, number, and symbol in the code and checking that it is correct requires a crisp, high-resolution display that a team of programmers can carefully review together, line-by-line. Since there is no room for error, the division’s entire team of programmers displays its code for peer review using a Canon REALiS SX7 Multimedia LCOS Projector featuring HD-quality SXGA+ (1400 x 1050 pixels) resolution display of intricate type as small as 7-point.

“The crisp display from the REALiS SX7 made this job possible,” explained Joel Bernstein, Director of Information Technology for Elsevier’s Engineering Information Group. “It’s a great way for our programmers to review the code together. The REALiS SX7 was perfect for our needs, and we’re going to use it on every project.”

The 4000 lumen brightness of the REALiS SX7 Multimedia LCOS Projector is an additional benefit for Elsevier’s software peer-review group, as it allows them to display the text with the lights on, giving the programmers the ability to take notes and make revisions during the process. Other features of the Multimedia LCOS Projector add to its ease of use. Auto Set-Up functions such as Auto Screen Color instantly compensates for the wall color. Auto Keystone calculates the angle of the projector and corrects for image distortion. Auto Focus employs a sensor on the front of the projector to measure the distance to the screen and adjusts focus as quickly as one second. Auto Input detects the image signal from the input terminal, identifies it as the input signal, and selects it for display.

Equipped with a Genuine Canon Optics 1.7x Wide Power Zoom Lens, the REALiS SX7 Multimedia LCOS Projector can deliver a diagonal screen size from 40 to 300 inches (with throw distances of 3.9 feet, and 29.5 feet respectively). At only 10.6 lbs. the REALiS SX7 is easily transportable to any presentation location. When the presentation is completed, the convenient “Off and Go” feature allows users to pack-up quickly by simply unplugging the power cord while internal circuitry continues to power the fan and cool the projector.

Houses of worship, both large and small, are also major users of A/V technology, and high-resolution displays provide special advantages to these institutions. One in particular, the First Baptist Church of Salt Springs, Florida, needed a new projector capable of displaying the words of hymns and the notes for sermons clearly enough for everyone in its 150-member congregation to read – and bright enough for them to do so without dimming the lights. Their quest eventually led them to choose the Canon REALiS SX60 Multimedia LCOS Projector.

“We have been a part of this community since 1950, and we have a very active senior citizen contingent of our congregation,” explained Rebecca Henry, Ministry Assistant at the church. “We needed a projector that could display sermons and lyrics brightly and clearly enough so that everyone in the room could see them. The REALiS SX60 was exactly the right fit.”

Additionally, the REALiS SX60 Multimedia LCOS Projector is exceptionally quiet for its class, so that congregants can hear sermons clearly without distraction.

The REALiS SX60 Multimedia LCOS Projector’s unparalleled color control features an easy-to-use Graphical User Interface that lets Henry adjust the palette of colors to “paint the picture” she wants for the congregation. With Memory/Vivid Color Correction, Henry can adjust the degree of vividness of each of the primary colors (red, green, blue) and each of the secondary colors (cyan, magenta, yellow). The REALiS SX60 Multimedia LCOS Projector’s 6-axis (RGBCMY) Color Adjustment lets her fine-tune the hue and saturation of each of the primary and secondary colors. This high degree of control allows for exacting adjustment of each projected image.

There are currently seven feature-packed models in Canon’s line of REALiS Multimedia LCOS Projectors, including the new REALiS SX800, which features a crisp display of 3000 lumens, a contrast ratio of 900:1, and: a larger display of computer “desktop” areas (an increase of almost 87 percent more pixels); widescreen notebook and desktop computer support (displays WXGA uncompressed); and display of 720p HD video uncompressed (as well as support for 1080p HD). To learn more about the new REALiS SX800 and all of Canon’s REALiS Multimedia LCOS Projectors, log on to